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Southwest BC Gold Bearing Streams


Hi everyone, I am a brand new member but a total newbie when it comes to gold panning. I've recently moved to the lower mainland and have gone out to some of the streams along the north shore mountains doing some test panning and small scale sluicing. Creeks such as Lynn creek, a couple west of Pitt Lake and a couple more west of Slave lake. All of them I have struck out completely. Not even a speck of color and it's getting me discouraged. Can anyone point me to a creek or area (100 to 150 KM) of Vancouver that has a known history or deposits that might get my spirits picked up. Thanks very much.


       Nudge19, you're not alone in the "Striking out" experience. I can tell you from first hand experience that there is gold in several creeks in the Pitt and Stave lake areas. But quite honestly the gold on most of the creeks is spotty and you have to be pretty good to catch the stuff, kinda like fishing in a well fished pond . . . Anyhow, I'd suggest the Fraser river but right now it's in freshet and you won't do well right now just because of the water level. Have you tried the Coquitlam river? Head up to beyond that R/C park I think that it's called the upper Coquitlam park or something like that, and do this. Take a pan and a classifier screen down to the creek along with a small hand pick, I'm not sure if it's flowing very fast right now, but the odds are that it will be, so only go after the material in the side of the banks that are exposed due to the washing effects of the river. Take only one pan from the material and pan it out, note the amount of black sand in your pan at the end, you should have at least a few table spoons worth if you are doing it right. If you don't find gold then head up or down stream another 50-100 feet and try again.  Try a half dozen spots and you should come home with something. Oh, yea one other thing, only pan out material that has at least 5% clay in it, the gravels that have no clay are not worth panning, so don't even bother with them. The gold in that stream is believed to have come from Or creek, which interestingly enough was called Ore creek up to recently.  <-thinking->



Hello I have tried lot placer in the Fraser valley with very little luck. The places I want to are all gated of now. Stave is very gated now

Its a wee bit of a drive, but Like Dan Hurd posted of the trepanier creek, its a guarantee. You won't get gems and coarse gold, but you will get at the very least many fly poop size gold in one pan. Check out his post and directions, its worth the drive, I am not sure if it gets too high to pan there in the next few weeks, you might want to wait until late August now, I am not sure what time of year is best for that particular creek.


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