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Panning in Southern Alberta

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Hi All,
I just bought my first gold pans this winter and am excited to dive into this hobby (lifestyle?!?).  I am wondering if there are any alright gold panning sites in Southern AB, south of Calgary?  Would I have better luck in the Crowsnest Pass?  Or do I have venture north of Red Deer to start finding anything?  Any suggestions are welcomed!

Click back to the page where all the forums are listed. Then type southern Alberta in the search box.  Cheers [<-panning->]

Thanks pandemonium.
I had already read most of those posts and was hoping for some extra info!  There is something about always wanting more eh? ha!

welcome to the site eric...keep checking the site lots of good info here...from rocky mtn house here and just trying my luck this year in the north sask river...good luck out there

Find on a map where the St. Mary's river meets the Old Man. Guys used to pan there in the Depression to make day money. There's flour gold in almost all of the southern streams. It's all tiny, very hard to see, but it concentrates best in bars (check upstream and downstream ends for possibly richer deposits--check spots where rocks fist-size and larger accumulate--if you can find any tails of black sand behind a rock, log, etc, or one sitting on a bar that's emerged from higher water, pan them out. The Crowsnest river has flour gold too (the odd flake), and there's a youth camp in the Pass that has a creek running through it (McGilvery Youth Camp or something like that) that's rumored to have flake gold. But, if I was you, I'd head over to B.C. (not a far drive from the Crowsnest Pass) and try out the Bull River (you can see the gold), the Wildhorse, the Moyie, Perry Creek; Gold creek will be the closest to you, or if you only want small stuff, start panning the streams once you hit BC--any stream between Revelstoke and Cranbrook will do.

Still chasin' the gold,



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