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Gold Cube test a Van Isle beach?

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Greg in BC:
Hi there, going to be spending some time around Victoria in near future and wondered if anyone in the area was interested in seeing the Gold Cube work on beach sand?

Closest bulk grouping of creek claims to Victoria I see are around Port Renfrew area - anyone know if there is gold on those ocean beaches leading up to there (China etc) and if it is Ok to run a little concentrator? Could easily recyle with this unit.

Don't see any claims there - what about parks etc?  Heard of gold up the west coast (Long Beach?) but that is a bit too far of a drive for this trip. 

I'm curious how the unti will work as I haved only tried it on cons so far. Want to give the kids a chance to run around and explore ocean beaches as that is something we just don't have here.  Won't have a lot of time but should be able to make an afternoon or so. Please PM me if interested or have any suggestions. Thanks,

Greg in BC


No gold at Island View Beach, some interesting fossils showing up in the
banks though. Island View Beach is now a park inside the CRD so you
know the answer there - CRD has one adverb/adjective - No.

Gold was found at French Beach and China Beach, but don't know the "lay" at
those beaches - inside the CRD and lots of Eco-Nuts and developers nearby.

PM mygrain maybe? He has claims in the Sombrio area out past Sooke.
Believe there is gold along the Sombrio River and down on the beach
where the river enters the ocean. Private land out that way and never
checked for access. Might be gold also in the banks of the Sooke River
and right at the bridge over the river on the highway to Sooke and the
West Coast. 

Maybe some Victoria, Sooke, members living in the CRD area have some ideas?

Nearest and only Rec Panning Reserve is right on the highway near Kennedy Lake
on the way to the Wet Coast. Nice drive but a long distance via Port Alberni.

Did read a paper about historic gold mining at Wreck Beach near UBC in Van area.
Is or used to be a sunbathing in the buff at that beach. You might get some interesting
spectacles.... err spectators at the gold beach.   ;D


From what I can see on the MTO map, all of the west coast beaches are green and so is the length of the Sooke river until you hit the claims above the potholes. From what I understand green on the map is a no go area?

Greg in BC:
Thanks for the response guys.

Yeah, my head is spinning from trying to decipher the map layers for what is what along the coast.  Turn layers on - off - on again argghhhh  <-thinking-> Man I am not used to every square inch having some sort of tenure over it  <-shock_> Some are parks but some seem to be 'lots' and some even go out into the ocean quite a ways  :-* Even turning on the info button still only gets the base data for them which does not tell too much unless you know what you are looking for. That's why I thought if I could meet up with a local miner the odds of successful day out for the family would be better.  I've taken them down that road before where I 'thought' there would be access  <-laugh->

I have written to the Juan de Fuca park operator requesting permission to pan on the beaches as per the BC panning guidelines. Not prohibited in BC parks - just need permission.   We'll see what comes back.

I do have permission to snipe a claim in the area so may be just knocking around when we visit the beaches which would be OK too as just cool to spend time there.  Have to remember to check the tide tables and try to hit at low tide - plus watch for waves.

PlacerPal - would like to visit Wreck Beach sometime and see what kind of finds there are  <-shock_> hehe


No way Greg am I going to Vancouver, even for spectacular spectacles!  <-laugh->
Worked for 1 1/2 years there many years ago and had to get out of there.
Have friends in the Okanagan who got as far as the traffic jam at the Port Mann Bridge,
and then turned around and headed back to the Okanagan, never to return again!

Maybe an idea would be to contact Bruce or Donna at the Vancouver Island Placer
Miners Association? The club has claims in the famous Leech Town area and members
have weekend trips up there. Gated by the CRD, need a key, bond, all that crap now,
but they may take a guest to their claims. One member does have an placer mining
operation up there. Gold for sure there to give the Gold Cube a workout.
Gold, VIPMA, Vancouver  Island Placer Miners' Association,  -

Lots out into the ocean near the beaches and shore lots, are water leases. A water
lot can be leased for whatever - moorage, seafood, seaweed, etc. harvesting.

You can shed your winter duds. Japanese Plum trees, some fruit trees and early
flowering bulbs are in bloom - sweater weather.



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