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Leechtown claim for $40???



          I just heard that you can get a claim for $40????  Really?  What are the going prices for these claims???  Is my friend lying to me because I thought they cost around $6000 for a claim.  Im sure theres going to be lots of newbies around from the Alaska Gold Rush show (I just started 2 months before I even heard about the show because I want to prospect on the Haida Gwaii Islands since Im half Haida). 

So what are the prices of the claims if you can get one here on Vancouver Island and the mainland???

You pretty well get what you pay for and if you don't do your homework you get much much less - buyer beware.................

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Quote from: Mooseman on July 25, 2009, 12:01:42 AM
That is approximately right. Due to the fact the boundary lines follow the lines of longitude and latitude on the map the cells grow smaller the farther north you go. My claim near Tulameen is 20.99 hectares which is 51 acres. It's sides are 452 m X 462 m. Hope this helps.


I have just checked  the MTO map and suddenly realized, yes, the red dashed squares actually do comprise of a cell. To confirm, I checked a few other claims and the cells correlate to the hectacres as shown against the leaser. So I guess then, with one cell approximating 20 hectacres, for a quick guess at claim registration costs for one cell would be:

Placer Application cost                     $100
Cost per hectacre (2.00 x 20)           $ 40
Rent / hactacre  (5 x 20)                  $100

Total                                            =  $240  per annum  doubling this figure for two cells etc.


(not the sharpest knife in the drawer).

Good Day Mariner,

In addition to what Mooseman said, a little more info.

The cost calculation you show are for a Placer Lease and not a Placer Claim.

Possibly what you want cost information is for a Placer Claim?

Then the cost is about $40 for a year. Cell sizes can vary +/- 20 hectares
With the placer claim you would have an obligation to do about  $200 worth of work and
submit a report which costs $40 to file. So the total cost is about $240 per year. Work report
must be filed before the year is up or a placer claim will forfeit back to the Crown.

Instead of doing work on the claim, a voluntary payment of $240 can be made, again
before the end of the year. Then you can pay the $40 again to re-register the claim for
the following year.

With a Placer Claim we can only process 1000 cu yds of material when prospecting.
Which is quite good if you can find pay dirt of 1 gram/cu yd = 1000/31.1 = 32.153 troy ounces
or about US$ 31,000 at recent gold prices.
1000 cy yds would be about 250,000 shovelfuls - good luck on doing that!  Grin

With a Placer Lease the amount of material processed is unlimited but that would
mean mechanization and lots of permits. Now we would be into mining.


If I was  Haida I'd be collecting black sand from BLUE JACKET CREEK for CEREMONIAL purposes,check out MINFILE 103F 026 also BULL SWAMP,FIFE POINT,and the OEANDA RIVER

There are plenty of cells on the West Leech river.   However,there is not a lot of gold above the falls. and the CRD has made access a problem with the watershed and all.   Chances are, if it's not claimed, you can't get to it. 


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