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Author Topic: Witching??  (Read 19104 times)

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Offline pjstarchild

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #10 on: March 20, 2010, 10:28:16 PM »
"The Pendulum"...hmmm, I have used this technique, only to find out the sex of my kids while my spouse was prego. It worked 100% twice. Coincidence, maybe.

As far as having minerals become hot in your hand, I have felt that before too, not only hot but kinda vibrate. I have some now that I cannot remember the names of, but can easily find out if needed. I know one is from Russia. Unlike most minerals or crystals that have a cold feel, these get very warm, very fast. I myself cannot explain alot of this, but I also learned that some people are more responsive to this than others.

Without getting into too much more, tell me about your pendulum VikingSniper, what is it made from?


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Re: Witching??
« Reply #11 on: March 20, 2010, 10:46:31 PM »
A plastic pill bottle with round magnet in the bottom, two chains that touches the magnet is non magnetic and the one I hold is magnetic....I am not holding any minerals....I am just walking around holding this chain and sometimes have to let go.

Offline pjstarchild

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #12 on: March 20, 2010, 11:01:19 PM »
I have not heard of that with magnets, very interesting tho. I do know that magnets have been used for therapeutic remedies for thousands of years. Magnets are very interesting gifts from the Earth. I know with Earth magnets you can make a motor (generator) that will spin perpetually for at leased a couple of years far!!lol

So back to "Witching", Why was disunderstood science related to the witches??lol

Offline CaribooAu

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #13 on: March 20, 2010, 11:30:03 PM »

Warlock Au. here.... <-laugh->......really it's not A laughing matter.......some people get A little upset with it all but there is something to it for dad showed me years back and I thought he was A little "off"  <-unsure_> So anyway he showed me and he made me try it......he likes to balance A old heavy iron bar on 2 fingers and walks till the tip can feel the was A bit freaky.....first I thought I made the bar drop so I tried again and it dropped down again an if you backed up the bar leveled.. ???

I like using 2 copper rods bent in to "L" with one A bit longer.......they seem to be really sensitive...still trying to figure out what is happening with it and what means what.... <-thinking->
It's just the energy fields and different paths they follow........nothing scary.. :D
May The Fever Be With You...

Offline Toppossum

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #14 on: March 21, 2010, 05:58:40 AM »

An excellent book on the topic of dowsing is "The Divining Hand" by Christopher Bird.  Over the centuries there has been a lot of investigation into the topic, and it is still not entirely understood.  Some people have the talent others don't.  It is usually the ones who don't who are the biggest skeptics.  In my opinion it is not some supernatural force  lol!!!@*, but a natural ability.  In much the same way that animals can sense storms, or earthquakes before they occur.

I have only tried dowsing a few times with limited success, but my brother dowses quite often to find buried electrical lines and pipes for renovations and construction jobs.  He is as accurate as the consultants who use the electronic detectors.  I have to see if I can get him to go prospecting with me this summer. <-thinking->

Offline Wil

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #15 on: March 21, 2010, 07:40:49 AM »
Tried it last summer----figured I'd show you guys, with your stupid gold pans, sluice boxes and metal detectors!
Used welding rods, pendulums with maps, etc. Not even a smell.

Can this be taught? ...Wil

Offline GollyMrScience

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #16 on: March 21, 2010, 08:26:33 AM »
Some of you old timers might remember a series of articles I did many years ago for a magazine called Popular Mining. I did a fairly detailed examination of dowsing and map dowsing in particular as it was one of the more interesting aspects of the art to me.
Just a few bits and pieces here but firstly the act of dowsing has nothing to do with good or evil or the Devil or anything like that unless the dowser themselves is dowsing with that influence.
Secondly the dowsing response of angle rods crossing, pendulums swinging or Y rods turning has nothng to do directly with anything. They are merely amplifying you own responses - the very subtle changes in your own body in response to something be it real or imagined.
I said imagined because a dowser can be influenced very easily if told that a target is in such a such place. Actually that is one of the biggest skills a dowser should concentrate on is eliminating influences that give them false target impressions.
Tests of dowsers have been inconcusive and I think that is where dowsing has been such a difficult thing to accept. It is not dependable - it is not predictable as far as success or not - it certainly is not something that should be counted on as so many things can screw it up.
At the same time it can be an interesting bit of data to add to the pile and if followed up with other testing systems could form part of a prospectors tool box.
One of the features of dowsing isn't so much that the user is guided to a target but rather the state of mind that the dowser goes into to use the dowsing tool. A heightened state of awareness and a more direct/accepting connection with the users intuition. In this state of mind subtle clues can be picked up on and the prospector does not act to second guess it  because there is a third party in the mix. Where the prospector might have ignored or missed a clue and may have talked themselves out of checking something out the third party credibility created thorugh the dowsing rods responding gives the prospector a better connection to their instincts and intuition without concious intervention or editing.
Having said that though I have to reiterate that dowsing (in my opinion) is not dependable enough to risk spending big bucks on just that data. If someone wants to try it for looking for something like buried utility lines etc as long as they are not risking life and limb on the result or spending huge bucks to dig a hole then its no big deal. Committing to a drilling program or opening a mine based just on a dowsing response is not a safe undertaking.
Too many things can influence a dowser - coffee - fatique - a fight that morning with their spouse.
Meanwhile a metal detector will beep when a piece of metal moves under its coil. It will do that every time -regardless of the time of day, the personal beliefs of the operator or the builder, the amount of coffee the operator has had etc. Until the batteries die. It does not get bored, or wishful. Its attention span does not wander. It does not suddenly recall an unpaid traffic ticket that could get it arrested on the way back from the job.
So I have said all that to say this: I have seen enough results to confirm for my own understanding that dowsing ( when done properly) is a real thing. It is not dependable enough to bet the farm on and while it might put you onto the next big gold strike I would be following up with more dependable instrumentation and testing before committing anything more than curious attention to a dowsing result.

As an aside Wil yes it can be taught though in testing I did some people were much better at it than others. Practice was essential as was the right state of mind - one that accepts the result and does not fight with the data by second guessing or wishing it to be a certain result. Having pointed that out though I would also point out that there is a thin line between being accepting and open about results and being gullible. Just because you get a dowsing response does not guarantee ANYTHING and relying on that result without other data stacking is where many people have gotten into trouble when using dowsing.
What the heck - lets just keep mixin' stuff together till it blows up or smells REALLY bad!

Offline Guest

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #17 on: March 21, 2010, 09:13:55 AM »
Have known two women here in Williams Lake that witched for water wells, interesting enough Mrs Bond and Mrs Bush were deadly accurate as to postion and depth, depth generally within 5 ft, know this from having dug the wells that they predicted, they were spot on the money. Now as to gold witching, have seen Jeff do this out at Little Snowshoe Creek and dig up a 3/4 oz with quartz nugget, was quite amazing, although he will tell you it's a fifty/ fifty thing for himself, and unfornatly he isn't really interested in witching others claims, he's got a couple himself and that keeps him busy, would like to be able to do it myself, but haven't the ability <-d'oh-> <-d'oh->.........Guest

Offline Chuxgold

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #18 on: March 21, 2010, 10:14:57 AM »
To me dowsing is a form of sorcery. And culminates abstract thought into a readable form. to those just starting out it may seem prospecting is a endless endeavor to learn. Not so. But the nuances of the things that truly work have a unlimited amount of variables. These variables come from such a wide range of conditions and circumstances it would take two life times to know exactly what they are all telling you. So sorcery is a permanent form of dowsing were Ideas culminate around one provable point. I found gold here. Is more of it over there or over there?  Quantifying the thinking past what you know.  Into a direction to fallow.. With the rods to giving that subtle reference to what your thinking past conches thought.
If some one doubts the ability of dowsing. check out what happens when you swing a peace of quarts crystal over a peace of gold. There is more to it than just the mind. Witch to me is in the form of the same properties of electrical current as a peace of quarts and the mind shares.
Could be the electron or protons seeking out the gold. And only the inner mind can see the gold’s influence over them.
I have spent a life time learning that inner language. One I believe is backwards to conches thought. A reasonable reason why dreams are so darn hard to hold on to. Unless you pull them all the way out and examine there hole length. Seeing and knowing it in a conches form. They slip away like a good joke you can't remember. the things that are strongly felt that have no bearing or connection to something ells remembered. Is seemingly forgotten. But if the emotion behind the memory is strong. The dream side of the mind remembers it. So when relaxed with friends, the jokes some times come back tio you.           
It takes the same state of mind for dowsing.   Half dream, half conches thought. And only works for looking for gold if you know its many properties that make it be were it is.
I would bring up fractals and the fractal knowledge of the universe. But am still working on that one. I will say this thou. Fractals are a language that has a connection with reality. But is not a part of it.
Something more of creation and oblivion. Than what’s in-between them.
Chuck.  <-thinking->
Give self, to gain wisdom,

Offline pjstarchild

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Re: Witching??
« Reply #19 on: March 21, 2010, 12:40:57 PM »
I might have to disagree with you Chuck, but I do see your point and understand alot of what you are talking about. I have studied alot of innerself teachings and the power within. I think the science of our Earth and the metaphysical do rely on each other in alot of ways, and you wouldn't have one without the other. Alot about this kind of thing is very hard to understand and can take a lifetime, just to know a little. Some people are gifted with this knowledge. For others, it is easy to say it is only science, and some might say it is magic, because they can't explain it.

But getting back to the point here, I think it has more to do with the Earths energy rather than sorcery, and a very simple example is the compass. It moves on its' own and always points north, but not one bit magick.