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does anyone have a good smelting recipe, i just bought two propane smelters and all the chemicals, but unfortunatley the owner died and the wife couldnt find the recipe. i have a rudimentary one but would rather have a working recipe.

Dom are you essentially melting clean gold, dealing with gold with some contaminants but mostly gold or truely smelting a raw ore with some gold and lots of other stuff?
Smelting fluxes are custom designed to the ore with some basic formulas depending on the broad applicaton.
Are you dealing with anything rude like arsenic or general sulphides?
If very little gold compared to other materials you might be using a collector metal and pouring bars of mixed metals to be refined after.
How much material at a time can you handle?
Give us a rundown on what you are planning and I am sure you will have lots of formulas to choose from.


It would be helpful if you provided more info on what you are trying to smelt, (i.e. it's a waste of time to send a cake recipe, if you are baking a pie).   Smelting is used to reduce a metal of value from the gangue (waste/contaminate) mineral.  A flux recipe is always based on the matrix of the gangue material to slag it from the metal of value.


Exactly right, GMS!

However, to clarify some words that most (Most!) folks misunderstand --- Smelting, Purifying, Refining and Melting. <-unsure_>   <-thinking->

Melting Gold is like melting Lead.  Heat the solid Lead pieces and you change the solid Lead into a liquid.  Pour that liquid Lead into a mold and it returns to a solid in the shape of that mold.  If the Lead had impurities in it to start with, it still has them in it.  

Smelting = Refining = Purifying.  Take Gold alloys (natural or man made), process them with heat, chemicals (fluxes) and other processes and pour the resulting purified liquid Gold into a mold, where it hardens.  The other metals that were in the original Gold have been removed.   [-1st-]


At the moment i would speculate that I will be melting gold with very little impurity(ie, nuggets and flake),  as well as smelting cons that will contain arsenic,pyrites and chalcopyrites depending on where they came from. this will be on limited occasions until i can get a working recipe for my flux. i have a 5 parts borax, 40 part silica and 10 part soda and 20 part sodium nitrate for my trials my main trouble is getting a mix for melting and a mix for smelting so that I can tweek as we learn the curve.


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