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Author Topic: Were the law ends. And responcabilety begins.  (Read 2770 times)

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Were the law ends. And responcabilety begins.
« on: February 24, 2010, 09:46:37 AM »
Here in Washington state It is legal to prospect year round now. As long as your working a mentioned creek or stream in the Gold and fish prospecting pamphlet. And would want to seriously check out any stream that was not listed. Here in Washington it is your license. And a new copy of that year needs to be with you at the work site. A slues box with no more than 3 square feet can be used. With one excavation site/hole.
These are the guide lines for working inside the stream bead. That can run thru many different land holdings. That the laws vary greatly on. But on state land all you need is a rock hunting permit and fill your holes. Or not if you do not want to ever come back. Working like this brings the law much closer. So all activities even if you have never talk to some one like the game department, cop or forest ranger. Your license plate will be recorded. And your actions watched. 
Also your entering the world of rock hunters that many are going to protect there rights by turning you in for undesirable leavings.
OK with that said. If you pan or use some other non motorized operation like a rocker box. Anything go's as long as there is no sign of your passing.
Remember there is no limits out side of this. And its year round. But you can't stake a claim. So you must have more than a few spots to work. Witch is better if you want to make sure your digging in the best place. This keeps it from looking like your moving in.
 If you can find workable ground it will be wide spread thru a area. One way or another it gets spread out. So extensive sampling is the way in. By taking samples from a grid pattern of about 20 foot squares. The passing is unnoticeable if you keep them to as small of samples as possible. Waiting for a hit to go back to see if there is more.
When finally working a spot keep you work to one spot. so again make sure you know were that is. At least to keep you from jumping all over the place. this makes it were the one hole can take on more of a scar after filling and it is beyond notes. But if the landscape is covered with places like this. It will be more than odious to anyone something unnatural happened there. 
Also have said before, but could not stress enough. Is to take good before and after picks. Do a good job and keep them in a photo album. With your permit inside.
Start small and spread your efforts thin over a large area. As time and run in happen with local law happen. You can move more into the open and have bigger digs.
Remember its year round work. And if the time is taken. You can get away with murder. Compared to even what you can do on a claim. Witch any more is not much.
No work permits, assay work or claim jumpers. There is more than enough to go around out there.
A thing to mention at this point is your going to be more directly responsible for others actions. As it detracts from you efforts of covering your tracks. When some one digs a hole and dues not fill it. Leaves trash or just is a nuisance. Get rid of them by using there mistakes against them. Get a license plate number. Take some pictures. And if you think they can be reasoned with bring it to there attention. I have a sign in mind that reads something like. These lands Watched over by electronic surveillance. Show a camera on the sign.  lightering and bad prospecting practices will not be tolerated. If you have information as to poor respect for these lands. Call me at.555.5555.
Freedom means defending it. Or it will get taken away.
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