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Author Topic: A Joint Membership Venture  (Read 48536 times)

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  • Larry
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A Joint Membership Venture
« on: February 04, 2010, 06:47:13 PM »
- - Pathfinder Elements & Profiling Deposits is designed to serve as an informative source of useful data for the prospector, through focusing on indicator (pathfinder) elements, rock types and the similarity of geological structures as is commonly associated to the varied deposit profiles linked to precious metals, base metals, economic minerals, and, precious and non-precious gem stones.  This compilation of data is set forth to be presented in both scientific and layman terms, augmented with geology-related photographs, macro photographs and micro photographs, along with numerous tips to aid the prospector in recognizing potential deposit locations within varied geological and physiological settings.  Categories include: Precious Metals; Base Metals; Economic Minerals; and Gemstones.  Sub-categories will be implemented as materials come forth - - by example, for Precious Metals and Gemstones, these will be broken down to accommodate both placer and hardrock considerations, thence further sub-categorized to highlight on each of the varied elements, individually.  Similar for Base Metals and Economic Minerals.

Your material contributions are encouraged and will form an integral part of this presentation.  Submissions may be made via posts, within the varied applicable categorical sectors.  This cataloguing is intended to place primary focus on local area geologies throughout the world, and, as would be applicable to the small scale to mid tier placer and/or hardrock prospector.  Upon sufficient data being compiled, an ongoing Geology eBook will then be commenced and maintained by Forum Administrators, and/or its assigned associates, thence published within the CGPF.  All posts under these sectors will remain accessible to registered members only.

The objective through this initiative is, to formulate a geology database designed to aid the prospector on the ground, in his or her identification of the various rock types, metals, minerals, gemstones, their association to one another, and, how to better evaluate suspect mineral/metal deposits.  In summation, a unified effort to better educate ourselves and prospectors all across the globe.

For Posts:  

Please place submissions under the appropriate Sub-Category Heading.

When referring to a specific deposit area of which you’d prefer not to disclose its exact location, you must then generalize the region (by example – Central Thompson Region, BC, or, Southwest Arkansas, & etc).

In submitting photos or images, please ensure such has firstly been resized to 640x480 or smaller and placed as thumbnails.  Exceptions to this may apply if one is submitting a large map, or there exists other extenuating circumstances in regard to larger photo sizing - - please then firstly consult with administration before posting same.

In submitting photos of minerals or rocks, where known, please also identify such rock types and their mineral composition.

Please, do not submit other persons’ material indicated as being copyrighted, without first having received explicit written permission from the copyright holder.  Other material deemed to rest within the public domain, and hereunder submitted, where known, the submitter shall extend due credit to the original author / photographer.  If not known, then enter in small font below the image (by example - “Unknown Author”).

Please, keep your posts focused, on the topic and remain within scope.  Questions and comments are welcomed when concise and brief.  Please also avoid idle chatter and ”I agree with you” type of posts.

In relating to a specific tool, machine, device or method, makers or distributors of a particular product must refrain from giving their own product a plug (promoting).  This section is not intended as an advertisement platform.  In general, one may praise a certain piece of equipment, but please avoid all mention of scenarios such as: Product A is better than Product B.  Simply tell what your own findings have been and leave it to others to determine their own conclusions.

I look forward to participation by all Forum members.

Thank you,
GPEX Admin
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Offline GollyMrScience

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2010, 09:14:33 AM »
Looks like I get the prize for first post.  <-yahoo_>
Looking forward to taking part though I had better figure out how best to post pics.
What the heck - lets just keep mixin' stuff together till it blows up or smells REALLY bad!

Offline CaribooAu

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2010, 09:15:24 AM »
Looks good Larry.
I know I'll have some posts on placer deposits an prospecting for them.
Should be A great place for miners... :D
May The Fever Be With You...

Offline fatkat

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2010, 01:40:24 AM »
good idea... willl see if I can find some suitable contributions

Offline SeloamLakeGoldMiner

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2010, 07:28:15 AM »
I will definatley place some writings on Meguma Hard rock indicators and associated minerals for gold deposit location in the easternmost provinces as well as as much as I know about Intrusive pegmatite bodys and the potential for Rare Earth Elements and how to sample for them.
going to be a great site

Offline critter

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #5 on: February 08, 2010, 11:33:09 AM »
its nice to see other people thinkin the same way i do, what tree grows in serpentinic soil jack pine,balsam fir
im a rockhounding metaldetectorist

Offline bigpropnut

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #6 on: April 24, 2011, 07:03:35 PM »
To GPEX Admin , and senior members providing forum guidance ...   WOW ! what a great Idea !! ... I can't wait to see how this will take shape...
... I would like to offer a companion thought for your consideration...  
..As some aspects of the potential subject matter may get unavoidably technical in nature, perhaps the forum members would also benefit from a "Library List" of suggested reading that would help support a broader technical understanding of the geo-processes and terminology used to describe the physical characteristics that would be observed when prospecting...
 [Over the years, I have bought a lot recreational mining items, BUT, far-and-away, the most valuable "equipment" I have ever purchased, was a few books on Geology and Mineralogy !  These few books really turned the "lights" on for me... , unfortunatly, I wound up buying numerious books, in order to find the 2 or 3 that worked for me...

  There are several ways the "Library List" notion could be considered...  the simplest is just to have subject matter experts recommend a few books, and leave it at that...  another way would be to have a "Book Review Section" on the forum, where members could post Book/Article Titles and Authors, with short review /synopsis of the the material,  and then other members could then contribute their own review after having read the book or article...

   For your consideration...

Offline XT18000

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #7 on: January 29, 2012, 04:43:38 AM »

 What a wonderfull idea !!! Far to much fluff and no usefull information on most sites.

    This is by far one of the best ideas I have seen put up; now maybe, just maybe,
 if we don't eat the cover's off the books we can learn some things that will really be
 of help to us, if we just pay attenstion!  This is the kind of information the REAL prospectors
 use to locate deposits all over the world, not just dumb luck.


Offline XT18000

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  • Better prospecting through chemistry
Discussion of Magnetic Black Sands *
« Reply #8 on: January 29, 2012, 07:39:55 AM »

          Every prospector is famillar with Black Sands and that they are composed predominantly of the mineral
  Magnetite ( FE3 O4 ), but they  commonly contain many other mineral impurities, which may be present as
  surface films, fracture coatings, small inclusions,or foreign particles cemented by and adhering to detrital
  magnetite grains. It is these films, coatings, inclusions, etc. that we should be paying attenstion to and not
  just the fact we have found black sands with maybe a little showing of gold.
           Elements, other than Iron, which are determined by spectrographic analysis of these concentrates, may
  be either bound within the mineral lattice; of the magnetite, substituting for ferrous or ferric iron or filling
  holes in the lattice; or else they may be important consstituents of foreign minerals associated with magnetite.
        These elements may be divided into four groups on the basis of there ability to substitute for iron in the
   magnetite lattice and there prevalence in associated minerals in magnetic concentrates. Group 1 elements,
   abundant in magnetite but not in accessory minerals, include V and Zn. Group 2 elements, abundant both
   in magnetite and accessory minerals, include Co, Cr, Mg, Sn, and Ti. Group 3 elements with limited substitu-
   tion in magnetite, but abundant in accessory minerals, include Be, Bi, Cu, Mo, Ni, Sc, and W. Groupr 4
   elements, which are not concentrated in magnetite, but are present in accessory minerals, include Ag, As, Au,
   B, Ba, Cd, La, Nb, Pb, Sb, Sr, Y, and Zr.     
   * Lovering and Hedal

    To be continued on an other post.   

Offline SDHillbilly

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Re: A Joint Membership Venture
« Reply #9 on: March 04, 2013, 08:01:57 PM »
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this should be mandatory  [-1st-] {cool^sign} <-yahoo_> ;D <-star-> <-idea->
just keep digging