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10 ppm = how much gold per ton?

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Thanks for any help!

That would be 10 grams per tonne = about 1/3 of an ounce per tonne = 9.09 grams per ton (for the US folks) = .29 of an ounce per ton

the formula to use for down and dirty converstion is:
1 ppm = one gram in one tonne of sample
A tonne = 2200 pounds = 1000 kilos
so a fast one on the calculator is:

ppm divided by 2200 x 2000 = grams per ton
grams divided by 31.1 = troy ounces

A walk through some measurement systems:

A metric ton (tonne) is about 2200 lbs. It is 1000 kilograms, and therefore 1 million grams. Love the metric system, as it makes things so easy.

If you have aggregate that tests 10 ppm, then there are 10 grams per ton. Not bad.


EDIT, GMS posted his just as I did mine...

Another way of looking at it is there's 1,000,000g (1 million) in a tonne so 10 ppm (parts per million) is 10g

10 grams of gold/ this a good amount per sounds pretty good to me   <-yahoo_>


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