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Author Topic: looking for a good method to seperate gold from black sand  (Read 5863 times)
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little clinkers
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« on: September 19, 2009, 09:37:51 PM »

  found a nice place where there is an ample supply of  gold in black sand, but how does one sperate the two.

  panning hasn't been  that sucessful ,as I am sure we lose as much as we get out.

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« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2009, 10:26:55 AM »

Welcome to the forum Little Clinkers!!  Cool Sign

Try a forum search in the upper right of the page... I know there has been a few discussions regarding separating black sand. Hopefully you'll find one that suits your needs.

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« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2010, 10:32:45 AM »

hi try using a magnet under your pan as you swearl it  then suck up the blacks,next dry your blacks outside on fire or stove stay down wind mercury is poison,when dry add some salt then reheat,when good and hot submerge in water and walla the gold breaks from the blacks,better still find some klinkers a the heck with the blacks haha. mygrains

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Mongolia Mongolia

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« Reply #3 on: March 09, 2011, 01:01:32 AM »

If you have a natural deposit of essentially black sand, then you might consider using The Gold Cube. According to what I have read, it is capable of getting rid of a lot of black sand in a very short time to produce a decent gold concentrate. It will still need more cleaning though.

Before that, try the Coca-Cola bottle test!
1 - Three-quarters fill the bottle with water.
2 - Top it up with a mix of your black sand and tiny white quartz pebbles.
3 - The pebbles will zoom to the bottom first, the black sand will follow and bury the quartz pebbles.
4 - Put the top on the bottle.
5 - Hold the bottle and b-o-i-n-g it against a wall.
6 - The quartz pebbles will suddenly wiggle and rise to the top of the black sand, together with other lights that are less easy to see.
7 - Gently tilt the bottle horizontal.
8 - Hold the bottle up above your head, and shine a light on the bottom of the bottle.
9 - If you are lucky, then gold will be visible hiding beneath the black sand.

A curious point to remember is that, often but not always, the gold in black sand is much smaller than the particles of black sand (magnetite etc). The reason for this is due to 'hydraulic equivalence', a strange concept but seemingly true.
Therefore when looking at dry black sand with a good lens (x20) or better a zoom x40-x100 binocular microscope, most of the gold is likely to be missed by eye at first glance. That's because the gold is so tiny and heavy it burrows under the black sand in a fraction of a second. To reveal the gold particles, I find the simplest way is to bend a paperclip (plastic coated is best) into an L-shape and then use the bottom of the L to stroke the black sand into a smear. With luck you'll see fine gold.

Another method, used by artisanal miners in some countries, is to spread dry black sand out on a smooth flat metal sheet. Then to hammer the black sand to crush it. The gold is not in the black sand but the black sand being brittle shatters and can be gently blown away, whereas the gold being malleable just spreads into a thin sticky malleable sheet.

Hope these suggestions help somehow.


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« Reply #4 on: March 09, 2011, 08:54:47 AM »

Are you looking at cons from a gravity seperation system or is this some form of heavy mineral sand that you need to process?
An important thing to sort out is how much of the gold is IN the black sand versus WITH the black sand.
If running assays of heavy cons you have to be careful to determine how much of the gold is actually free grains in the con versus trapped in heavy mineral grains.
If doing a simple gravity seperation test for free gold then you have a pretty straightforward process. Keep in mind that many heavy cons are only a percentage magnetic black sand and you will still be faced dealing with other heavies even if you were to remove the black sand magnetically.
Steppegolds description of the artisanal miners breaking the brittle mineral grains is a technique I have used successfully with a roller mill. The cons are run through a roler mill with the rollers against each other and the brittle mineral grains shatter while the malleable gold stays more or less together though it can be ironed thinner. With a lab scale roller I have been able to finely adjust the rollers and take the cons to narrow classifications and thereby effect a preferential grind that allowed me to take a large portion of the gold out of various splits. Taking the cons to a minus 30 plus 40 mesh split for instance and then setting the rollers to 50 mesh. The mineral grains shatter to 50 mesh and finer while the gold zips through and stays larger than the mineral grain powder.
A simple screen on the fifty mesh and I have a large portion of the gold from that split.
One thing to keep in mind though is back to the gold IN the black sands. When you crush the sand you will liberate even more fine gold not neccessaruly from the magnetic black sands but also from other heavy minerals like sulphides and that gold can get down to some very tiny sizes.
So many of the processes that can be suggested are dependent on how much heavy mineral are you dealing with, the size of the gold expected, and the budget you have to work with.
For many people dealing with a five gallon bucket of sluice cons heading for a miller type table makes sense. If they are dealing with a ton of jig cons each day then everything changes. If their intention is to recover gold caught in a sluice then they know that the majority of the their gold should be of a certain size and larger as the sluice recovery curve drops off after a certain size range is reached. Working with a gravity concentrator that can recover finer gold than the sluice then means the entire seperation approach must be evaluated to establish the appropriate recovery method. If assay shows that there is a whole lot of gold tied into the heavy con then you may see the whole processing approach change as you might switch from a gold recovery plant to a heavy mineral recovery plant. Then the gold recovery goes from  simple to ......well......less simple.  Laugh


What the heck - lets just keep mixin' stuff together till it blows up or smells REALLY bad!
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« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2011, 07:50:53 PM »

Hey Little Clinkers
Your profile says you are in British Columbia. You wouldn't happen to be on a group of islands off the north coast and this wouldn't just happen to be beach gold, would it? If so, PM me.

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~~Robert W. Service~~

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