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a simple test for gold in pryrite

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A further thought, might using an Iodine based leachate interfere with the SnCl test being that it is a Halide?


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Just wondering if someone could suggest a leachate other than Aqua regia. I am not too comfortable with that (call me chicken!). I've read about some iodine based leachates but haven't been able to find any specifics. Essentially, the problem with the leachate is what has kept me from trying the SnCl test.


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What about hydrochloric acid and bleach? I've got a batch of cons soaking in this now. will let you know how it goes.

pretty sure this would also work with the sncl test once the free chlorine is evaporated or neautralised with sodium thiosulfate? i'm no expert on this stuff

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Seems like you are using the Halox bleach method. That's a tough leach to manage as you need to keep the
ORP very high at about 900 mv. ORP goes too low (400) and no leaching.

The tin chloride (SnCl2) test will only react with the gold chloride. If you can get the gold leached to gold chloride,
then the tin chloride test will work fine.

Please let us know how the leaching and tin chloride testing goes.



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