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Author Topic: Some food for thought. When working the same area.  (Read 4441 times)

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Offline Chuxgold

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Some food for thought. When working the same area.
« on: May 29, 2009, 12:25:01 AM »
When starting out in a new area that you are not known in. Keeping a low profile is a good idea until you have some idea of what kind of law your dealing with. there is no pleasing some. Even if you have before and after pic's of ops you cleaned up. But most will except your prospecting if you can show what you represent. And that you will understand its up to you to police others actions or they become your own. But there is always that responsibility in the modern woods. Its not a wilderness no more, Were each could go there own way and not effect anyone but there selves. There are to many now for that sort of things. So laws keep most out. To get in trouble for just doing a little fourbying. Or having a camp fire. So eventually give up going. Its not no fun worrying all the time. But the prospector has greatest motivation for going out there. So it is excepted that there is going to be prospecting. So they will allow any one that can show good intent to do as you please with in your own restraint. But you must have a way to show it. And from the first hole you dig and fill take lots pictures. Digital cameras are a extremely effective weapon at this. Were you can save your pictures to memory cards and offer a grater volume of evidence. Its a good idea to have some in a photo album for a quick offering. That quickly shows the level of concern you have for the environment you live in. The laws and responsibilities are part of that environment to. So is the officer or game warden. Everything thing that you come in contact with repeatably, that is of some danger to you or you way of life. Is something of importance to you. And must be dealt with without fear. So the certainty of your actions is understood.
Then you earn your freedom. It is not a given if your prospecting. Or doing anything besides just looking.
Laws are not something to hate. Many of them we need. People that still venture out from the city are to removed from the realities to know the responsibilities. I have not heard the mentioning of wood craft in a lot of years but will say it now. The woods have changed, so have the rules, so have the size and complications of what ones was. And as the woods gets smaller the difficulties will get worse. But with wood craft there will always be away. I don't have to follow the laws, I just choose to. Knowing my example reflects on my craft. This is the reasonability of anyone that knows things, to share what they know There is no value in keeping secrets. Unless you have something to hide that no one will understand? There in, is the core of all real crime. And it is on both sides. Not all laws make sense. Or the strictness of the letter robs the point. So your nozzle is a half inch bigger than it should be. A half a inch is not going to save or hurt one fish. Out side of not doing at all. If its a 4 1/2'' inch dredge 1/2 over. Its not like you can just make it run as a 6''inch when ever no one is looking. There are those that don't want any one in the woods. No matter how much you know and respect it. This is a crime against nature. The more we distance are selves from the simple lessons are cities get more immoral and raped with a reality that is not of this world. And destroy more nature from couches than anything any prospecting, hunting or fishing can do. We have killed the world with fast food and easy living. Witch I think most here, would agree is not living at all.
I have not elaborated on this point enough, to make it a hole thought yet. If life is survived and there is no survival out side of pain and sickness. There is no victory. but times when life and limb are on the line. Or just ones sanity. To survive means more. It makes you stronger some place inside. And makes new battles easier to win. This is another point to taking your time. Finding gold is sometimes not that grate of thing if you get broke up doing it. Until you have a mountain leg to stand on, learn what your doing around finding gold. Like how to make camp more of some place to survive. And not just live. This elevates living. Maybe not the standard most are use to. But in a way that makes the wait for the next day intolerable sometimes. longing for the sun to come up so you can get on with it no matter what it brings. Eventually you find your self chasing bears. Not being chased. Being on the top of the food chain takes being feared. And it takes  nuggets to do it without a gun or motor home. They just help you find gold. Not life.        
Chuxgold.  <-thinking->  
Give self, to gain wisdom,

Offline solojohn

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Re: Some food for thought. When working the same area.
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2009, 10:44:37 PM »

Offline gaw

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Re: Some food for thought. When working the same area.
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2012, 09:04:32 PM »
 <-wave-> Howdy, I'm down here in WA State. Do not know your rules in BC, but have a friend who works a claim that has been in his family for 40 years. As his father did, he keeps in close contact with the Foresst Service officials and reports any and all "Rule" breakers. He has lots of tales to tell of "Prospectors" from the big city who come to the woods to tear it up. The forest service officials, sheriff always respond, if nothing else, to bring offenders in line with a "warning". When and IF they get mouthy, fines and a trip to the jail house are in order. gaw


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