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Author Topic: Pump size.Hi.Guys  (Read 207 times)

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Online mcbain

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Pump size.Hi.Guys
« on: May 26, 2019, 07:53:45 PM »
Hi.Guys.How many out there are totally frustrated with the Rule that a pump is and must be a factory 1.5 inch pump.( I do believe these are inspectors rules in some cases).It is almost impossible to find a factory built 1.5 these days without spending a small fortune.They say you can not use a 2 inch necked down.And why the hell not.Simple fact a 2 inch necked down only moves the same volume of a 1.5. and you do not want any more.Lets say a 2 inch is all you can get and you do your due dillegence and keep all your hoses at 1.5.How much Harder can you try?You are obviously not trying to break the law.Lets Talk about laws, rules and regulations.If it has not been passed as a bill in parliment and printed by the queens printer it is not a law.Keep that in mind.If a inspector hazzles you make him show the law from the Queens printer.Chances are he can not.For example we have one that is trying to enforce sec#38.This was recinded and is not a law,Tossed out,what more can I say <-frustrated-> <-frustrated-> <-frustrated-> <-frustrated-> <-frustrated->.Mcbain.
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Offline Ruby Silver

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Re: Pump size.Hi.Guys
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2019, 10:43:17 PM »
Someone in government is making stuff up again to suit their on agenda.   <-thinking->

Nowhere does it say in the placer mining waste regulation about the pump size.  <-NO_>

The regulation doesn't regulate pump inlet size. It regulates the intake size of a wash water delivery system. That's your wash water delivery system intake. Your suction hose.

It also means I can't have the intake of my gravity feed system larger than 38mm. If it only meant pump size, then what's to stop me from using a 2 foot intake on my full gravity feed system?   <-yes_>

If they wanted to restrict water these people making up rules should have consulted with miners first. If they wanted to restrict to 38mm or 1  inch  pump to limit water use it should be on the pump outlet, and say pump in the regulation.

Pumps don't mind pressure on the outlet, but you'll ruin a good pump by restricting the inlet to much, it'll cause the pump to cavitate.

A 2 inch pump with 1/1/2 intake is ok, just don't run it wide open throttle with a 2 inch outlet and no pressure on the outlet side. Use a 1 outlet too.    <-yes_> [<-panning->]
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