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Author Topic: Treasure Tales  (Read 3792 times)

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Treasure Tales
« on: April 12, 2009, 02:47:29 PM »
Much can be said about lost or forgotten treasures, and the events Iím sure are countless. That which come to mind when I think of treasure stashes, lies not in the land in which I live. Yes, there are countless treasures to be uncovered here in BC, for the history goes back roughly a couple of hundred years. But the moment treasure comes to mind, it extends not back to my birthplace in southeastern Ontario, where the history stretches back to the 1700ís, but rather automatically flashes me back to Nova Scotia, where such dates deeply into the 1500ís.  Last time living there was for fourteen years, during which I engaged in virtually thousands of hours research, complemented with many years metal detecting.  Some of which were also spent prospecting (on the side). We (my older son and I) still have the old Coinmasters and they still work fine.

Finds were many (within that which I now would deem a smaller location - - say, about a 20 mile radius), as dollars were of short supply to allow travel to some the more distant locations where my research indicated treasures galore. From common coin shooting (old coins going back to the early 1800ís) our finds were many, and a few artifacts as well. But my greater draw remains toward a certain old treasure-laden shipwreck off the coast, which has not yet been uncovered by another, and still bears all its original allure - - as does two separate gold stashes, a meteorite which fell into a small pothole lake, another in a farmerís field (the much bigger sister to the one I did find), a possible location for coinage from one of Capt Kiddís old treasure land-stashes, one French Fort out of the 1500ís  Iíd like to get back to, and another French Fortress I donít think anybody in modern times really knows used to exist. Then there are other lesser prominent prizes, which could easily rack up into the hundreds or even thousands, and of which also still sends my head a zinging.  Just thinking this stuff is making me young again.

One thing is for certain though, I do believe Dave and I will be making a trip eastbound this year to check out my old shipwreck research. Though Iíve catalogued thousands of wrecks, in each there lies a wealth of treasure, if not in booty, in the artifact value of old brass bells and other such hardware if only from the countless fishing schooners that foundered or otherwise wrecked upon the many reefs. But it is that one old treasure shipwreck that has remains to haunt me over the years.  Sorry - - this one is a nocantell, itís just too big.

No matter your location, the treasures are out there.  Do your research wisely, read between the lines, and happy hunting.
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Re: Treasure Tales
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2010, 08:52:32 PM »
Wow Your a wealth of information Larry, gee I wish I just had a few of those locations you have found through research. not so much the shipwreak ones but those on land. Even the shipwreak ones would be interesting but gee I wish I knew you then, but I guess you moved away before I moved back from eastern Ontario to here just outside Halifax. Got any leads for me ? lol.  Hey would like to meet you if you come back down this way and if you need a hand carrying some of that shipwreck loot my pockets are empty and I can carry as much as half a mule , well maybe a 1/4 mule or less. lol.  Would love to accopany you and your son on your quest for the Big time.
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Re: Treasure Tales
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2012, 07:24:11 PM »
Hey Larry,
Do you have any info on wrecks or treasures in Ecuador, South America, or Central America?
Gold mining is fine, but I am itching to do some diving, or land based treasure hunting.