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Author Topic: You Tubers  (Read 1341 times)

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Offline tonofsteel

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Re: You Tubers
« Reply #20 on: March 03, 2019, 05:57:38 PM »
Hellooo Everyone!  Just noticed this topic.  Interesting conversation.  It got me thinking, so I went over to YouTube analytics to have a look.  In the last 3 months I have had 485 views from this forum.  Considering I make less than 0.35 cents per view. That has me making 57 cents per month from posting to this forum.  And that is assuming those people would not watch my video anyways.  I don't post here to make money.  I post here to try and contribute to this community.

I don't think this was the point trying to be made, at least not from me.  I don't have any issues with people creating videos and sharing them.  I have no problem if they make $10,000 a month from the clicks, I would actually be happy because obviously you are creating great content and reaching an audience.  And why shouldn't you get compensated for all the work you put into it?  Making good content people want to watch is not easy nor is it cheap.  It is not about the monetization from Youtube yet the conversation always goes back to that point.

If I call myself youtuber badpanner and then invite you to watch my videos and share them on here, fair enough right?  I will try to put out good content on technique, equipment and my travels.  Meanwhile I have a plan.  I am trying to move a shipping container full of product, say a new pan design I call the badpan.  I have a ecommerce store but nobody is showing up.  I am looking for a group of people who are interested in prospecting as they would be more likely to buy.  I could go to social media and start a marketing campaign or I could join forums and pay to sponsor so I can have a link to my store and advertise my product.  But this costs money and I am cheap.

So instead I use Youtube and subtly include my products and plug them.  I include links with all my videos so anyone watching will end up at my store if they are interested in checking it out.  This is actually an advantage because I can engineer the videos with marketing in mind that will help drive traffic more so than just a dumb banner ad.  People watching me use my amazing pan and how much gold it recovers will get them looking into where they can get one too.  I then gather a following and make deals with other equipment manufacturers to place their product in my videos for a cost, whether that is free equipment in exchange for the promotion or a cut of the sales.

Now when I am posting my Youtube videos they are actually part of my business, I am marketing gold pans and I have found a sales funnel to get people to my store.  I have effectively used the forum audience for marketing and sales purposes without having to pay for the privilege.  I hide behind my youtuber badpanner name saying back off bro, I am just making videos here, what's the big deal?  Did you learn to pan from my video? Thought so, now go fly a kite.

I do not own the forum or have any financial interest in it so I don't really care either way but I just wonder why sponsors have to pay to market their product and business interests but Youtubers don't.  The question gets asked once you are selling something and you are linking to it and promoting it in your videos.

If you make a billion dollars from your Youtube views that does not matter here since obviously by clicking on a Youtube link everyone is well aware of what this means and the monetary implications this has.  If I post a youtube link and 10 members from this forum end up buying my badpan then I found a clever way to work around the sponsorship rules.  If those 10 members then tell others and I make 100 sales from word of mouth then I have started to achieve what I set out to do, a successful marketing campaign.

I am not saying anyone is or isn't but it is just an honest question.   It was never really about the clicks or Youtube it was about using the forum members for marketing purposes to sell a product or service and why one way you have to pay but another you don't.  Nothing really to do with Youtube even, it could be a link to your own "personal" blog post where you are pulling off the same thing.  You are just a "blogger" but it is a thinly veiled attempt to sell something.

Joe clarified and said that in the eyes of the forum a link to a video is a black hole, once you go there anything goes.  Which makes the whole discussion null and void.  While some may question the practice, it is accepted here.  Fine by me, I asked a question and got an answer.

Offline mcbain

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Re: You Tubers
« Reply #21 on: March 03, 2019, 08:28:32 PM »
Hi.Guys.Remember the 60s and 70s and black and white T.V. all the sitcoms and shows like as the world turns.Evey house wife had to have a 19inch box to watch and it was gods gospel truth.because the box said so.Many a divorce over that stupid box.Today we have  social media and google and all sorts of garbage we do not need and many a divorce over that stupid box we call something else but the whole world falls for its lies and deciets.This stupid little box tells you how to live your live an even tells you when to eat ,tells you when to take a crapIf you succump to it  It reads your mind.Just like youtubeSome thing to think about YoutubersThe box controls likes and dislikes you do not..
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