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Author Topic: High Banker Design Questions  (Read 1807 times)

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Offline jgoldsney

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High Banker Design Questions
« on: October 31, 2017, 11:25:24 AM »
At my previous posts indicated I am just getting my feet wet and am not sure how far down the rabbit hole I will be going.....
That being said I love to tinker and play with design ideas with any hobby that I get in to.

Based on everything I have read on this board and various other sources of info, in order to have a hope of getting any kind of significant results from the NSR a high banker is pretty much a must have.
Being a tinkerer and also being ridiculously cheap I have started sketching out various ideas for a small high banker setup.
Have looked at dozens of videos of various designs and have started to build my criteria list as well as some questions on my quest to build a better mouse trap :)

Any thoughts or comments on this would be much appreciated....even if I never end up building this I have not seen any kind of design criteria for  high bankers. It may help someone out down the road.

Design Criteria

Portable - I have limited time to get out during the summer, what ever I end up with will need to be on the smaller side and will need to be very portable. There is a chance I may take it when going camping with the family and it cant take up a ton of room. I am looking for the sweet spot for size and overall capacity. I dont want something so small that its not worth the effort but I don't need something that is a dirt eating beast that can take as much as I can throw at it.

Efficient  - Because the gold I am looking at capturing is very small a lot of dirt needs to be processed for any kind of return. I don't want to waste my efforts shoveling only to blow the gold out the other end.

Simple  - The less complex something is the less that can go wrong


1) Pumps - Gas Vs Electric
Which is better and why, I  have  a 2" trash pump in my garage however the thought of dragging it and the required hoses/gas  along with me when I vacation. or even having to load it all up in the truck is a bit of a down er.  Electric seems to be a bit simpler and a little less hassle to pack however you are limited by your battery for operation time. Also not having the noise from a gas pump is attractive. If I am going for a smaller scale would an electric setup be sufficient?

2) Size - how much does it matter?
For the sake of numbers how much of a difference would a 6" x 36" sluice portion make vs a 8" x 48" sluice

3) Matting - Goldwell/Dream Mats/  Miners Moss / Gold Hog Mats
I realize that this one is very subjective and everyone will have their "flavor" just looking for any first hand experience and comments on the various options. I know that in some cases "if it aint broke don't fix it" there have been many advances in technology and it makes sense to look at every possible option.

4) Water Nozzles - Spray bar or pinched PVC nozzle
I have seen a ton of designs with a rectangular spray setup and also designs with a single nozzle. I am leaning towards a single nozzle with a pinched PVC end to spread it out. I am concerned with nozzle plugging for the spray setup as well as back pressure on the pump.

5) High Banker Hopper  - wide or narrow
This may be a little confusing but the design that I have pictured in my head has a wide mouthed hopper (for sake of a number 12" wide) taper in to a channel that matches the sluice width (say 6" for example). If a single large nozzle of water was directed in to this channel it would have a direct impact in most if not all of what has been shoveled in to the hopper emulsifying the fines in with the water.  (not sure if this makes sense) the heavy rocks would slide down and out while the gold/sand/small rocks would proceed to the sluice. (may have to whip out my deadly MS Paint skills and sketch this up)
6) Recirculate?
In light of my slight preference for electric pumps what are the pros/cons of setting up a recirculating system vs just sucking from the river.

Any thoughts/comments?


Offline mcbain

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Re: High Banker Design Questions
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2017, 07:29:40 PM »
Wow.that is alot of questions.trying to keep it compact.I would recommend nothing less than 8 inchs wide and4 ft long total.You can build your hopper  wider and tapered down to fit.You also want your hopper adjustable at least 10 you can move it up or down to get the rocks to slide of the back. or lower it to get more wash time.Also make it removable for easier handling.The problem with a 6 inch box is the amount of material you want to move. is to much and willnot wash out properly if your hopper is feeding to fast.Now to the matts.I prefer gold hog or keenes.that is up to you.You are on the nsr so talk that over with other locals.Gas  versus electric.??Lookat the distance you got to pack in.Deep cycle batteries are much heavier than a small pump and need recharging.Quiet yes but not always the best option.Asmall 1 inch gas pump will give you all the water you need at 8 inches of width.Luck Mcbain.
I started out with nothing Istill have most of it.

Offline jgoldsney

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Re: High Banker Design Questions
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2017, 07:19:12 AM »
Thanks for the input,  so much to consider... :)

Anyone have any input on the best mat for NSR gold recovery. 

Offline graeme1955

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Re: High Banker Design Questions
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2017, 10:40:06 AM »
one of the best replies ever, goes a long way in my books


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