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Author Topic: Couch Potato Treasures  (Read 5533 times)

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Couch Potato Treasures
« on: December 14, 2012, 10:12:41 AM »
I will tell you a little bit about a fellow called Bubba.  Not his real name, because his wife is terribly embarrassed, but funny enough coming around to his form of treasure hunting that he calls "couch potato treasures".

Very simply, Bubba cannot drive by a piece of discarded upholstery furniture, without stopping his vehicle and checking it out.  By this I am referring to chairs and sofas that have been put out on the side of the road for trash pickup.  It does not matter how he is dressed, how late he may be or how busy the roadway - he will stop. 

For a number of years, all Bubba would do is quickly run his hand down the sides and back where the fabric folds under the seat cushion looking for lost coin.  This was further enhanced with a strong magnet attached to a rod (purchased at Princess Auto).  Coin and other metal objects would attach to the magnet for recovery.  However, it was obvious he was still missing finding some good stuff.  He learned how to cut the fabric in a manner that allowed it to pull it up on one side and dump the contents on the surface. 

Every couch and chair has a story.  The stuff lost within tell some of it. 

So what did he typically find down there?  Goodies such as coins galore, toys were common, the odd piece of jewelry and much garbage (pop corn, napkins, condoms, dog treats, etc).  He once found a wallet, but the ID was not for that home, so he mailed it to the owner of the wallet - - just in case the discovery would ruin someone's "marital bliss".  How to handle jewelry was always a concern.  Upon discovery, he felt it important to try to find the owner and would walk up the driveway to the house to see if they recognized it.  The questions were guarded such as "I am looking for the owner of this ring, do you recognize it".  If yes, they were asked about inscriptions and caret.  In most cases, it was obvious that the jewelry belonged to them, in the way their eyes lighted up and the typical response was "I looked everywhere for that, where did you find it"?  On rare occasions, the people thought they were being scamed and chased Bubba away or did not recognize the item but said it was their's anyway.  The final test for a ring from a response of "it is mine", is the does it fit test.  A couple of times it was like the famous "AJ and the glove" or perhaps the fable with the glass shoe.  If he could not find the owner, he happily kept the item.  Other odd ball things found were sports (baseball & hockey) and pokeyman cards, remote controls, false teeth, cutlery, prescription (or maybe not) pills, pencils and pens, buttons and lighters.  Basically, almost anything was possible ...

There are hazards with this form of treasure hunting too.  Unknown liquids, some being bodily fluids, on the furniture are sometimes the reason it is in the garbage.  Pokey things such as sewing or hypodermic needles are possible.  Some people might dislike you rummaging in their garbage and would chase Bubba away.  However, the biggest hazard encountered by Bubba was certainly the wrath of his wife.  She was horribly embarassed by the routine, especially when she had to wait in the car while he performed his actions.

Finally, Bubba decided to demonstrate the value of his "hobby".  Over a few years, he kept a list of returned items and dropped all of the other finds that had some value into a large glass jar.  At a neighborhood party in Bubba's home, conversation came around to a recent Dr Phil episode, where a fellow was so cheap that he gave his wife flowers that he had found in the garbage behind a funeral home.  Bubba's wife (after enjoying her wine) decided to add to this discussion by describing how cheap HER husband was.  This lead to laughter plus some joking and poking of their couch.  Bubba quietly stepped away and retrieved his glass jar.  Within were various things including various coins (tunies, loonies, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies) , toy cars, a note of thanks for a returned diamond ring, an expired dog tag, a cross pen, crayons, 3 lighters and an 18KT white gold necklace with a large Egyptian cartouche pendant spelling the name "Richard" in heirloglyphics.  Very cool stuff causing the tone of the conversation in the room to change.  They wanted to especially know the story about the gold items.

The returned ring belonged to an elderly woman, who was preparing to move to a retirement home.  The ring had been lost for about 5 years and her husband had since passed away.  It was obvious that it belonged to her, because she burst into joyous tears as soon as she saw it.  It had been a gift from her husband and getting it back was priceless.  She tried to offer Bubba a reward, but he refused.  It was clear that she was not a rich woman and he wanted nothing to spoil the wonderful feeling he got from "doing the right thing". 

The necklace and pendant were a very recent score from a rental house.  The landlord had hired someone to clean it out after the people who lived there had skipped on rent and left the place a mess.  "No, there was no forwarding address." "Yes, he could have anything that was on the curb."  Finders keepers.  ;-)  By the way, Bubba's wife happily wears the necklace and the pendant was gifted to a close work colleague named Richard.

Less than a week later, Bubba's wife was driving into town for groceries and spotted a sofa beside the roadway.  She slowed down while looking at it carefully, then changed her mind and sped into the village.  However, on her way back, she stopped.  She looked up and down the road to make sure nobody would notice and then eagerly plunged her little fingers into the cushions.  She came up with a dime and a button.  On her way back to the car, a little voice from a boy in the side yard called out "Lady, you are the third person to do that since I have been outside today". 

Now, I would post some pictures of Bubba's couch potato treasures, but that might hint at Bubba's true identity.   LOL
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Re: Couch Potato Treasures
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2012, 11:07:07 AM »
Great story - thanks. Makes me feel better after the news today! Well written too btw.

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Re: Couch Potato Treasures
« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2012, 04:04:29 PM »
Funny story bubba sounds like a cool guy. Made me laugh today thanks for sharing this funny story cheers Ray

Offline FlakyNugget

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Re: Couch Potato Treasures
« Reply #3 on: April 14, 2013, 11:28:17 PM »
Ha Ha, That guy sounds like my dad.  I cant remember how many time my family was traveling down the highway, when suddenly my dad would lay on the brakes, pull over to go running back down the road to recover the mysterious treasure (rusty wrench, or hammer likely)

I think some of that may have worn off on me. :-[

FN  [<-panning->]
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Offline EMF

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Re: Couch Potato Treasures
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2013, 03:33:06 PM »
I'll do that occasionally, and I've found some nice things, but I'm careful. No one ever sees me doing it.

Offline jonniebud

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Re: Couch Potato Treasures
« Reply #5 on: February 17, 2014, 12:00:03 PM »
Awesome I never thought about that will have to give it a try

Offline alleyoop

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Re: Couch Potato Treasures
« Reply #6 on: July 01, 2014, 10:14:05 PM »
     Good store <-yes_>