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hey guys
I am currently residing in the vernon area and am looking for a claim for me and friend but the thing
is i have no idea where too look down here anybody give me some names on some gold bearing creeks near
vernon i know of shuswap river and bear creek? but any others relatively close like say 70 km in radius ? of vernon
and preferably goldbearing haha be nice to see some colour as my kamloops tranquille creeks one seem to be too high and be
any information is much appreciated thank you

Former Guest:
Sure some members will post open ground near there for you to pan. Make sure it is not held ground or ask permission to do this cheers Ray Good luck in your quest for gold

Well your best bet is out Cherryville way. They have Monashee Creek(was called Cherry), Harris Creek, Kettle River. Now I can tell you this that pretty much all the creeks are claimed up.
You posted Bear and there is Mission Creek, Nashwito(Siwash) creek ,White man creek. Nashwito and White Man Creek are on the west side road from Kelowna to Armstrong. Sadly there is no placer on the last 4 creeks. There is some mineral claims out on Nashwito and White mans. Another bet is Scotch Creek just out of Salmon Arm. I believe that is claimed up. Kamloops is a good area with good history. Don't give up right off the bat.... if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Hope this helped

I live in Vernon and have two claims. One on Monashee and another on Harris. Both are fully claimed up. You can pan out at the gold panner campground on the Monashee with a day use fee at the campground. OR you can go to the free panning zone, but Im not to familiar with where those are. You can also find the Vernon Placer Club website here: Vernon Placer Miners Club | - Vernon, BC, Canada   and there also a bunch of guys on the Okanagan Gold Prospecting group on facebook too. I should note that members of the club have access to some nice panning spots too. :)

Thanks alot guys yeah i wont give up  its there and actually likeing the challenge haha just sucks i got most time off now in the winter!!!!!
went to my claims yesterday an inch or so of snow and ice forming on the sides of the creek kinda made me tear up.
thanks again


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