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Where exactly do you think those professionals come from. They don't just drop from trees.  They come from people experimenting trying new things and knowing they have succeeded with a new idea and market it.   You're a big believer in gold mat. You ask Doc where he got started with all his gear.  I bet those ideas didn't just fall in his lap creating a professional without being a DIY project for him years ago.

People enjoy working with their hands and building things.  There's always room for improvement or you'd still be hollowing out a log and placing sticks in it for the riffles. Anybody can buy someone else's product and we all do in some way but building your own is rewarding in itself.
Chat & Everything Else / Re: rock identification. please help
« Last post by Pat-Pan on Today at 06:07:25 AM »
The dark part of this rock, is also see through with no flaws.
Chat & Everything Else / rock identification. please help
« Last post by Pat-Pan on Today at 05:42:13 AM »
I found a very nice rock/ specimen at the wallingford back mine and I would need your help to identify what its called. it's very nice and I'm sure this piece can be cut and polished.

Thanks in advance.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / some body asked.Why invent the wheel.
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 09:59:21 PM »
Hi.guys good question.Why try to invent the wheel?All your home diys think they have something better than every thing known to man.Wrong we got professionals for that.At least a 100 times a year we get folks that think they can make crappy tire floor matts better.How so.?Yes they get a little gold but loose most.The diff you pay for the real thing costs a few dollars compared to the gold you loose.Just saying luck mcbain.
Chat & Everything Else / Re: Gold Coin found Metal Detecting
« Last post by DirtHogg on Yesterday at 09:57:29 PM »
Yeah value always matters .ha ha.You know the more I think about the story it reminds me of an old commercial.You know the one we will leave the light on for yah.Motel 6 or something.Kind of like leaving the window open.Bet camera's show either some employee or the thief opening that window to come back later.It just blows my mind how something of such value can be stolen .All the high tech motion detectors .alarms ect.But who knows maybe they were not turned on by the same guy that forgot to lock the window. <-yes_>
Chat & Everything Else / Re: Gold Coin found Metal Detecting
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 08:51:12 PM »
Hi.D.H. does the value really matter?Luck Mcbain.
Video Forum / Re: Drone for prospecting ?
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 08:42:32 PM »
Hi.Silver.I no I said a few years back but was actually in the late 60s.I worked with the sar captain that had to clean up the mess.He told me all about it.It was a hang glider and a chopper.Robin is dead can not ask any more questions.The whole point of this is to try and wake up folks to what can happen when flying unregulated objects in regulated air space.I think drones would be o.k. if restricted to ground space.No more than 200 ft above any elevation point.No need to go higher.Just my opinion.Luck Mcbain.
Chat & Everything Else / Gold Coin found Metal Detecting
« Last post by DirtHogg on Yesterday at 08:34:57 PM »
Yah so found this gold coin on the railway tracks today.Just down the tracks from a ladder.Yah kept the ladder too.Here is a pic of the coin.
Equipment For Sale / Re: 1 1/2" fire hose. on CL
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 08:14:11 PM »
Hi keith.It is just like army surplus auctions.A lot of stuff never used or used once.May have some dust on it.Some govt official decides he wants all new in his wharehouse so every thing is shipped to auction  and replaced at the taxpayers expence.Here in Canada that hose being the best probably cost a 100.00 a roll.The guy on CL  got it for less than 5.00 a roll and is doubling his money.He could get 50% of new easy.Great for us minors to get a break but still a taxpayer rip off.Luck Mcbain.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: prospecting supplies.
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 06:56:40 PM »
Good point T.T. but if the folks buying cheap china knock offs.Do not know what they are buying and are loosing gold to  bad pans they most likely do not know the diff and you will not get bad a bad review.Just saying Luck Mcbain.
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