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Tech Talk / Re: Angus Mackirk Gold Pans - looking for reviews
« Last post by johnedoe on Yesterday at 10:57:42 PM »
Things have definitely changed ...
I picked those pans up on the old agnus  mackirk site which was about 7 years ago...
Great pans for production panning......
Under The Microscope / Re: Old scope new pics
« Last post by mentalcoincoin on Yesterday at 10:31:57 PM »
For me its the wild colors that nature throws at rock <-yahoo_>20190212152703.jpg20190215185802.jpg
Here I forgot to say this when I was talking to the clown in french. I ask him about panning you know what he said to me in french Le chapeau alenvaire . In English you mean using the upside down hat that what they call a pan upside down hat. <-NO_> And yea I will fight its a loosing battle but Ill try.
(upside down hat) Thanks mcbain
Hi.Puff I feel for you.Take your story to the media.Got to be some one at CBC that is not afraid to talk out.They sure like to jump on the PMfor all the cover ups of dirty crap that goes on regarding Quebec.Chances are the thieving bearucrats do not even know what panning is.They are just out to steal what they can.Luck Mcbain.
Yep and there f- ing ignorant not one speaks English but the email is English. I seriously want to know why there taking money for a piece of nothing its like the mob. I called the last time and ask if this could be done online the clown says yes you have to go to this site gestim. and so i go to the site and its a dead page so i cal;l back wait 20 minutes the clown answers i tell him your site is dead he ask me if I had internet explore .  I say no man I'm on a mac book  i use fire fox or google chrome. Ah hes say you need internet explore to go to the site I'm like what internet explore that's dead not many people use that but behold the government of Quebec does. Then he tells me that the site hasn't really been updated since 2000. So i tell myself whats this clown jobs to sit there look pretty this guy get paid all sorts to do absolutely nothing. I would like to go public with this  go to the media and have them call and ask for a prospecting license  at the same time recording the conversation and put it out to the public. This is the real Quebec this is exactly what they do best rob people corruption with constructions.  just like your car license if you have a class 5 and  6  you pay more, then they say if you don't drive the bike you can just get a class 5 and will put the 6 on hold but if you forget about the 6 i think its 3 years 1 day  they don't tell  you. You now  have to take the test and road test all over again. You guys out west are very lucky to be there and be able to explore the outdoors without getting hit with fines because you decided to pick up a rock. GOVERNMENT DU QUEBEC CEST JUST DES AUSTI MANGEUX MARDE
And don't get me started with metal detecting I can tell you stories about how the archaeologist close a public park because a friend and i have been detecting there for more then 10 years we found lots of silver then all of a sudden they start finding arrow heads  it now belong to the government . I'm telling you the truth 2 years ago i was in boucherville i found an old foundation this is when i was using a xp deus i found large cents i went back the next day i was escorted out of the park and there was archeologist  dinging  can you believe that i had a big argument with the guy and guess what its the same guy who close down the park were i use to go with my friend were we found silver he was a student  now he's a dictator big shot profiting from us metal detectorists  this place was an old camping ground .Today its all fence in like fort Knox and you have to pay to go in  <-unsure_>. Anyways sorry for the ranting. La Belle Province  Quebec
(And yea your going to get caught )
I have a quebec prospector license. This bites

I reward them by giving them more money. What a scam what is this society we live in your own government will scam you for the little you have this is unreal and very much insulting. this is laughing at the people take take take <-waiting->
No no - not worthless - not at all - quite valuable in fact. It documents that you are well informed of the regulations and therefore eligible to receive the largest benefit awarded to the government associated with panning.
I paid 40 Bucks for this useless piece of paper and if you would see it you would laugh. its a photo copy of a photo copy with my name on it. they took a screen shot on the computer put my name on print it photo copied it send me the photo copy its in black and white and they charged me 40$ and its useless I'm not done with them yet  Now I ask to speak with the minister I want to know why we cant pan I want  answer to this simple question why can we collect rocks and if you do ( yea your going to get caught) <-dont~know->
(TIC)  ;)
The way I read that letter is:
 <-hypnotized->  One Dump anything that would connect you with mining or prospecting. (Like any license or permits or gold pans)  8)
  <~ShOcK~> Associate with any local eco-worship group and self volunteer to check the water ways for pollution like heavy toxic metals<~ShOcK~>
 ^#!  ^#!  ^#! Show the appropriate rage and frustration if you find any  <-frustrated-> ^#! ^#! ^#!
 DEVIL&??  Keep samples of the material you collect   DEVIL&??
But under no circumstances prospect or pan for minerals.
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