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General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: What it really means to be a Free Miner
« Last post by geezir on Yesterday at 09:37:20 PM »
The importance of metal (mining) to mankind has indeed been recognized by societies going back for centuries. The value of those individuals, prospectors (freeminers)  to those societies and to modern nations was and is critical for those societies to flourish.  From the mid 80's to date those people who make our society possible have been abused and vilified.
Rex Murphy at VRIC
It is hard to find information on mining laws prior to the California gold rush.  I haven't read anything by Lacy.  I focussed on the Canadian aspect.  That blog post that you mentioned had some similar info.  Maybe from the same sources. 

The other one that you linked to has more info on laws in the later medieval period than I could find.  Most of the info that I found was from research articles at the UBC library, De Ray Metallica and my own library of books on Canadian prospecting history and gold rushes.

From what I could find there is a gap in information from medieval Europe to the gold rush.  If you dig deep enough you can probably find info on mining in the 1700s and 1800s before the gold rush.

The article is about the origins of the Free Miner and the FMC not so much about historical mining laws, although the two are intertwined.

I always thought there was some history behind the FMC and now I know a bit more about it.  It makes me proud to be part of the mining world and to have some kind of connection to the old-time miners.

Yes, of course, it wasn't the Lacy article copyrighted by The US Bar Association in 1995, and since the Lacy article that I like seems now to have been removed from my source URL that leaves you "King of the Written Word" on this subject.    <-yahoo_>

I had tried for a very long time to find ANY info on the origin of US Mining Districts as well as other historical information on Mining Laws in the US - PRIOR TO 1866 and could only find one written piece at the time of any worth. 

My hat is off to you (specifically), and the others mentioned as well, for a whole lot of research and well crafted writing.   [-1st-]

I'm glad that you found the article "Tolerably Good" but it wasn't written by Lacy.  It was written by me. 

There was a huge shortage of information on the history behind the FMC so I put this article together.  I learned a lot in the process.

Not my very most favorite work on the subject by John C. Lacy,  but "Tolerably Good", none-the-less.   [-1st-]
That was a good read.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / What it really means to be a Free Miner
« Last post by mulletator on Yesterday at 08:25:14 AM »
Have you ever wondered what the Free Miner part of the FMC is all about?  The history dates back to medieval Europe.

Check out this article about the history of the FMC:
Ximen Mining Engages Laurentian Bank
Securities As Strategic Financial Advisors
Letting the Kenville Gold Mine Plan Shine in
New Brilliance
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Reclamation Bond
« Last post by upnorth on Yesterday at 12:09:14 AM »
Luckily i got the gold bug back in the 70s.  On some yukon creeks there was 10 different miners on one creek. Eventually 9 out of 10 pulled out. Most miners worked at local underground mines in the winter. Every fall a couple gold miners would pull out taking only the good equipment with them. What ever was left on the claim was picked over by other claim owners. It was understood by the last operation if you didn't want it just leave it.  There where old dozers left, tires 4 ft high, trailers.. i bet this is how Tony Beets collected his junk collection.  <-party->
So i can see why these bonds are put up.
I wish there was no bonds, but yes i understand MOST of it.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Kanaka creek
« Last post by eoinl4529 on January 21, 2020, 10:54:34 PM »
I'd be up for a days out in kanaka. I hear the fishing can be quite good there too!!
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