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General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Flour Gold
« Last post by q7w on Yesterday at 11:34:13 PM »
I'd invest in a gold cube.

General Gold Prospecting Forum / Please bring my sign back, lol.
« Last post by q7w on Yesterday at 11:24:55 PM »
New to the site here. Just got my claim up here in the Yukon going. Within one week my ACTIVE PLACER MINE sign was stolen.  ^#!  Aswell as some petty vandalism to some of our equipment.  Maybe these clowns should go talk to the mining recorders office and communicate their displeasure. We know who it was. And we are not on "your" land. We have some tricks in store for you dumbasses.  Maybe they browse this site?  But I'm pretty sure turning on a computer and possessioning basic literacy skills would be a bit of a stretch.   [-1st-]
New User Introduction / Re: Hello from the uk, another Devils Canyon victim
« Last post by q7w on Yesterday at 11:19:12 PM »
The show Devils Canyon hurts my head watching it. I've never had a show that insults my intelligence as much as this fantasy show has.
New User Introduction / Greetings from the Yukon
« Last post by q7w on Yesterday at 11:17:34 PM »

Hello from the home of the original Gold Rush. Glad I found this community. Here's to finding that shiny stuff.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: 199st Edmonton Access to river
« Last post by D4l3k on Yesterday at 10:47:35 PM »
There is a gate at the field entrance now and there was 4 trucks parked there when I went today

Are you allowed to cross the private land on foot to get to the river?
There is still gold up there in the cariboo like what they show. Just the story line is out of whack lol. The old fellow on the show i believe (Even talks of himself being on lightning creek in the show) is located up near butcher's bench at the top of lightning creek. Big gold up There, 30 oz nuggy was found in that area SW of the old town Stanley. The ariel maps on the show i also believe are  some random spot they zoom in on hahah. Just my thoughts though. ......devils lake creek is a canyon  yes. It is on the way to Barkerville that runs a stone's throw away from hwy 26
New User Introduction / Re: Hello from the uk, another Devils Canyon victim
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 08:09:45 PM »
Hi.L.S. excellent post.Wish more of you guys would tell the truth.So far just you and Cade spoke up.Discovery makes billions sucking folks in to the lies and b.s. but they are nowhere around when it comes time to explain to the hoard of new gold seekers spending their life savings on a new gold rush.coming from all corners of the globe becuase the y watched a b.s. T.V. show.Should be laws against that..Now there are folks that want to come anyway for a good holiday and I commend any claim owner that is willing to show them  what it is really like while they are here on vacation.Most will go home happy.Luck,Mcbain.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Flour Gold
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 07:31:42 PM »
Hi.That is a tough one.Lots of questions.Did you sand or rough up your pan too much.What type of snuffer are you using.I find the Garrett very hard to use with micro gold.Why I do not really know.I prefer the cheap no name bottles,they work better for me.Next, do not take this wrong but a lot of folks do not know that your snuffer should be full of water and you need at least 1/4 inch of water over top of the gold.The straw suction tube has to be under water to work.If you got all that covered then I am totally baffled .Luck.Mcbain.
Sorry to burst your bubble but there is no devil's canyon up there.  Closest to devil's canyon name is devil's lake creek between slough creek and upper lightning which is only a trickle of a creek not like a wide creek on the show.  They film the show on a few various creeks up in the cariboo inc willow and swift/cottonwood. If your looking for somewhere to prospect up in the cariboo there are a lot of members on this site may let you on there site.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Flour Gold
« Last post by Kyle Thomas on Yesterday at 05:55:01 PM »
Hey guys, whats the best way to get flour gold out of your pan! Today i was out and each pan i was getting about 20 pieces but it seems like it was sticking to my pan and my bottle would not suck it up.
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