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took a look on the internet, and it seems to be pretty quiet about the fake gold bar..
maybe I am cynical, but I figured they would want to shush it up..
Might get people opening safety deposit boxes and checking out if they have real gold bars or not, and might rock the gold bar business... <-NO_>
Good Post

TIP:   Save yourself a lot of grief by doing some exercises before going at digging fast and furious, So many guys complain of sore shoulders, back muscle problems, pulled ligaments, ect.

Just carrying all your gear can take a toll on you and your beat before you even get to the river.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Tips and Tricks used in Placer Mining
« Last post by DirtHogg on Yesterday at 11:31:25 PM »
Let's get a tips and Tricks thread going.I will post one of my all time favorites.Anyone feel free to add if something worked for you.
Tip :Don't get all bent out of shape trying to pan and test a river.Some of my best finds have been no where near the current course of the river.Not only this ,rules now are ,find something worth while to process it had better be away from the river anyway's.Try looking and testing places that one would never attempt ,due to lack of water,height,distance,ect.Dragging buckets down to the river to test is much easier than trying to drag water up and test.Classify and collect some samples of your
gravel ,if pay is present.Seperate gravels that look the same, dry and paste them on a board.Learn what they are.  I can tell you it will help you identify pay  by eye just by the gravels that the gold is found with. <-idea->
1) 3.9 OZ
2) 10 OZ
3) 17 OZ
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: What If
« Last post by 1829digger on Yesterday at 08:47:22 PM »
Sorry to say guys if one lands in you backyard that has enough minerals to make some money off. Better hope your not home. Just saying. The dinosaurs found that out the hard way!
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: What If
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 07:38:18 PM »
Hi.Y.K. Sounds great.I wonder how hard it would be to move a large rock at zero gravity..Got to be easier than what we do now.Hope it happens in my lifetime.Would be nice to see.Luck,Mcbain.
Hey guys,
Has anyone spent any time prospecting this area - How's the gold?  Worth the  <_miner_> ?
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Devils Canyon
« Last post by Gold.Seeker on Yesterday at 06:16:14 PM »
I agree with you guys.

The old guy gives it away a couple times, that he is on lightning creek.. The pictures they show about where the location of the creek is, are of the headwaters for the cariboo river, above lanezi lake and the bowron lake park. This is clearly not where the show is filmed as the whole area is surrounded by high peaks and talus slopes, and not once have I ever seen a high mountain in this show, its all hills.

And of course in the episode hell and high water, the guy, goose goes to get his high banker, and it shows a pic of his 5 mile hike to the NE along the creek - (not the direction the upper cariboo runs) and in that pic it clearly shows a road running along the river - and even crossing it in the middle of the shot. Not sure why he is hiking he could just take his quad :) There are no roads on the upper cariboo, its above a protected area that's been protected since like the 30s. And the place they show in the location pictures is currently also in an environmentally protected area, under a placer claim ban. Running a high banker on the upper cariboo would result in serious legal issues, and even panning would likely get you a solid boot in the butt. And of course its canoe access only to the upper cariboo, guns specifically prohibited in the park.

Every single inch of this ground is under current claim - if you want to hit this area, start contacting claim owners and make a deal to work the ground. Give up on trying to guy a claim on this creek.

Love the gold they find on this creek, its just insane. If anyone owns a claim here I'd love access to run my high banker :)
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: density field chart for prospectors
« Last post by JOE S (INDY) on Yesterday at 05:31:36 PM »
Ken, I have a few thoughts-

First - while the chart is helpful it doesn't address minerals - like Iron minerals (Hematite, Magnetite or Pyrite) as well as other minerals that some folks find in the pan.  Could be helpful.

Secondly - Karat Gold (22k, 12k , etc) listings in the chart do not take into account the alloying metals.  50% Au and 50% Al would be lighter than the same 12k of Au and Pt.  25% Au, 25% Cu and 50% Au would also be, by definition, 12k but would also have yet another SG. 

And finally - Fahrenheit for those of us who still think in the classic manner.

Great work there, and certainly well worth having in the field.

General Gold Prospecting Forum / density field chart for prospectors
« Last post by KenKlondike on Yesterday at 12:23:13 PM »
I put together a simple one pager field chart for doing specific gravity tests.

Can be handy when your in the field trying to figure out if its gold, Pyrite  or mica

Let me know if it needs more or has errors.

The document is located at:

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