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General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Fine gold Miller table questions
« Last post by jobinyt on Today at 07:30:51 AM »
In small prospecting/exploration/mining, things are often not what we hope - or what they seem to be. Sometimes black sands mean gold - most times not. Some times black sand is magnetic - usually some of it is not. Sometimes gold is invisible - but not usually in placers. Sometimes there is gold and no black sand. Sometimes gold doesn't look like gold because of it being coated or alloyed. You seem to think there is much gold hidden in your material. I wonder why? Gold too fine to see rarely comes in as much as a gram per ton.

Take, say a cup, of your material after panning off the light stuff and put it in a cast iron skillet, get it VERY hot - a hot wood fire is good for this, pour the hot material directly into cold water - wear gloves,  coat and eye glasses because it will steam and splash, then pan what you have. If you see no sign of gold you likely have no gold, well, perhaps no or little m ore than is contained in seawater.
Video Forum / Re: DirtHogg PayDirt Panned out
« Last post by Woodspirit on Today at 07:23:27 AM »
Heads up!!!

There is another on the web. (This is NOT the web site you want)
Be sure to spell with two "G's". (The original Dirthogg)

Happy panning
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Goldrush season 10
« Last post by jobinyt on Yesterday at 08:51:07 PM »
I was on top of Keno hill this summer and was surprised to find myself looking down at what appeared to be a relatively new mining operation - sure was narrow. Perhaps that's it.

As long as we're talking about gold rush - I know a guy with a number of claims in Dawson. He told me in June lots of miners were having problems because they had not submitted plans LAST year for this year's operations and would therefore not get work credit. Later, he confirmed my understanding of what he'd told me, and said he had heard nothing about water permit issues.

I looked at the gov't index of law changes and found nothing last year or this year pertaining to water licenses. In YT The legislature makes the laws, the water board turns the laws into regulations and the mining board enforces the mining related water regulations. Perhaps one of the regulatory authorities overstepped their authority. In which case, I don't understand why a challenge didn't solve the problem.

Also, the water permits apply to a collection of claims - say 10.  I think it possible/practical to take the amount of water allowed without a permit for each claim ( a considerable amount), recycle water from the settling pond ,and run a pretty normal operation. I don't know how things worked out but trying to mine Parker's whole plot in a single year would be far from the optimum strategy.
Video Forum / Re: DirtHogg PayDirt Panned out
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 07:29:49 PM »
Hi.D.You deserved that.Will be shopping for my christmas present to myself soon.Dirt hogg rocks luck Mcbain.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Fine gold Miller table questions
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 07:09:37 PM »
Hi.Bob.I have never seen pyrite flakes stick to a magnet.Next question?Is your gold visible.If it is,It is panable.Go back to your pan,only put in a table spoonof material that has the yellow in it.Shake that pan hard side to side.Tilt the pan away from you as you shake.Now tap the brim of your pan about 20 times while tilted away from you.Pour of your water slowly till you only got about1/4 inch in the pan.Now tip the pan away from you about 10 degrees and slowly tip back towards yourself.Do not swirl the pan let the water slide the black sand back towards yourself.Repeat over and over.Try too imagine a small wave on a lake going in and outfrom the beach.Asyou are doing this give the pan afew more taps every few minuts.If the yellow dances and flits around in the black sand it is pyrite.You will always loose some gold to the sand but the majority of gold will will stay at the brim of your pan.Take alot of time be patient.Once you learn to do this you become very good with a pan.Long winded but sounds like you need some help.Luck,Mcbain.
Video Forum / Re: DirtHogg PayDirt Panned out
« Last post by suburbanator on Yesterday at 06:54:06 PM »

Thanks for posting.
Video Forum / DirtHogg PayDirt Panned out
« Last post by DirtHogg on Yesterday at 04:28:10 PM »
Watch this to see why DirtHogg PayDirt gets number 1 ranking.
Chat & Everything Else / Re: Fraser river landslides
« Last post by upnorth on Yesterday at 01:11:22 PM »
Ya  I was wondering about that too. Maybe a glacier pushed the old fraser to the there coming back down ? One good thing this " new" gold shouldn't be too far down. Just walk onto the bars and banks fill your pockets with gold nuggets. Who knows. <-yahoo_>
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Pickers vs. nuggets
« Last post by ykplacer on Yesterday at 12:44:33 PM »
What are your criteria for pickers versus nuggets?

Is it weight? Thickness? Shape? Sound it makes?

My arbitrary deifnition would be any piece bigger than 0.5 grams with some thickness to it.

P.S. This definition isn't perfect as you could get a really chunky piece that weighed 0.3 grams and could still be considered  a nugget by some.

well, many have their own ways of looking at things, to some ..03 -04-.05 is not a nugget , and some others might call them little tiny nuggets, or baby nuggets...guys using metal gold pans might call little small pieces clinkers..bigger piece(nuggets) clunkers..big each their own , we all think differently .

If one wanted to get "technical" about it, at what ever size the market buyers start paying a premium over the  spot gold price (for nuggets), then i guess that's when a nugget is a nugget.

Yes , the old miners from back in the days would laugh in your face if you call a 0.5-1.0 gram a nugget ok...but like everything else times change...and so does the thinking.... back in the day it took a lot to impress,because there was an abundance when the strikes were being read stories of dipping just 1 pan into a creek and getting near a pan full of gold........anyone have that happen in this day and age?

Joe mentioned(back in the old days) it took a 6 ounce chunk to be called a nugget , the bar was set high eh!!lol....Back then , gold was trading in the range of  $20 bucks an OUNCE....A 6 ounce nugget was worth?....Today in 2019, how  big does the piece(nugget) need to be to equal $120?

Again , .calling a .03 -.04-.05 with some definition  "little tiny nugget", or "baby nugget" , noting wrong with that .
Chat & Everything Else / Re: Fraser river landslides
« Last post by suburbanator on Yesterday at 12:15:15 PM »
I guess a couple miners are out of luck , having a couple million tons of gravel on-top of their claim. New buyers beware !

Quite the opposite,  We happen to know someone that has benefited greatly from the new gravels.
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