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Hard Rock Mining / Re: Visible Gold from Archean Greenstone Belt
« Last post by BillOfRights on Today at 12:13:50 PM »
Beautiful formation, Thanks for sharing!
Ok thanks for the numbers, it seems resonably affordable. Hope it goes for approximately the same rate in my area.

I always saw pictures of sampling at a perpendicular angle to veins but wondered what was the purpose for it. Now that you mention it, it does makes sense that the mineralization is most likely to occur at the shear zone. I will probably got at it with a sledge hammer, since the main vein is slightly taller than the surrounding rock. For the smaller ones I'll need a rock saw.

I'll you updated. Thanks for the useful information.

Hah. Nice try frederick! Maybe I'll just take that $4000 and buy a bunch of paydirt packs just to completely eliminate all the fun of prospecting.. HMMM....

Top Cat, I'm working on my MTO at the moment but between moving, a recent name change etc it's taking some time so I'll just have to stick to recreational panning for now. Perhaps some day I'll get good enough or lucky enough to stake my own claim. Until then I might have to throw myself at the feet of someone with a claim that needs some work performed. The gold I'm getting is suuuuper tiny. It's fun but it would be awesome to find something bigger.
Thanks for sharing the video!  That silver in the sliced rock looks really nice.
Hard Rock Mining / Re: Could this be gold bearing formation?(photos)
« Last post by tonofsteel on Today at 08:51:51 AM »
Cost for Au/Pd/Pt assay was $30 + $10 for crushing the sample since I sent in un-crushed samples.

Sounds like you did some research and found some clues so sounds good for crushing out some samples.  If you find a vein sample across it (perpendicular) and not just up/down the vein as mineralization can occur in the contact zones between the vein and the country rock.

Have fun with it and come back to let us know what you find!

Nice slam dunk !!!!!! but I don't think it was called for here.

CL  I would stick to the river your panning now, you are getting better results than some of the guys panning the Fraser River for hours.

The fever will eventually get you and you will want a claim buy it from the MTO usually under a $150.00 for 1 cell 

Good Luck   [<-panning->]
You should buy a claim off Dan Hurd now. Thats then next step. He has a few for sale. Just watch his youtube videos it see which claim has the best gold he salts.. I mean pans....$4000 should get you something you could find a gram or two a year and hopefully its not completely covered by indian reserve.
Thanks mcbain, suburbanator ,

I didn't realize that there was a post requirement to become a member but I think that would explain why I wasn't able to find if I had an inbox or anything.

I went back out today and decided to find a big rock and dig a big hole behind it--the gold was much better! My three biggest flakes all showed up in the same pan. Here's my 2 day total just playin around in the creek: I'm hoping that I can find somewhere this summer that has bigger gold even if it's harder to get at.

Hi.Welcome to the site Suburb is right.Takes to posts.Once you do that folks can send you messages or you can send private messages to folks you want to talk to privately.All it takes is a reply too the above posts.Not bad gold for a few hours panning.Your grampa taught you well.Luck Mcbain.
As McBain will say,  it takes two posts to become a member. (I think?)

Nice find and nice to see  new members and new posts.     
Not a bad start for some panning!

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