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General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Devils Canyon
« Last post by mcbain on Today at 07:13:54 PM »
Hi.Parts north.Just aplay on words.I know most of the claim owners up there.Yes it does excist.but not the way Discovery paints it.They got the whole world believing they can get rich on Devils Canyon and that is wrong.Luck Mcbain.
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Devils Canyon
« Last post by partsnorth on Today at 07:00:31 PM »
Actually Devils Canyon does exist in BC Canada .I drive thru it all the time.  As for the rest you are about right. It takes about 4 seconds to hike into devils canyon from my truck. Be sure to park well of the highway, the pavement is narrow  thru the Canyon. Actually it only takes a few minutes to hike to any of the spots on the show.. As far as their needing to hunt for food and all that, it wud be much quicker to run into Mcdonalds in Quesnel lol Devils Canyon is near Wells on Lightning Creek.
Video Forum / Re: Stewart bc
« Last post by gold one on Today at 05:28:34 PM »
Ya  it's a rugged country.  I was looking for a place to winter in a motorhome. ..close to yukon.
I ended up staying in prince rupert .
I wish I was younger I'd work in a mine...somewhere up north <_miner_>
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: sluice box using magnets
« Last post by KenKlondike on Today at 04:01:49 PM »

I'll satartwith just water. 

Video Forum / Re: Stewart bc
« Last post by paradigmshift on Today at 01:03:33 PM »
Just finished building the BruceJack facility and flee around in the heli over the whole area beautiful country
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: sluice box using magnets
« Last post by GollyMrScience on Today at 01:01:26 PM »
Quite a few variables and subtle forces at work. Placer gold being what it is on any given run getting them started consistently and evenly and repeatably gets problematic. As an averaging exercise maybe - lots and lots of runs. Also with maybe only a few flakes so less chance for them to hang onto each other and throw the system off more than it wants to be.  Would need to do a lot of repeats and probably need a high speed camera to catch any change and probably need to count frames per second over distance traveled to get a measurement. If going that far I would be interested in an adaption of that with just the water. Will need clean water flowing all the time.  Even tap water. Slow as ya can or result if any will be hard to see. But consistent flow. A drop of food colouring is added (after confirming the food colouring is not measurably impacted by magnetics) high speed camera watched with and without magnetics to see if the flow itself is changed. Helps answer the question - If I am observing a change in energy because gold is hanging up is it the gold - the water - other things with the gold slowing down and applying brakes -
 - all of the above - some of the above - none of the above. There is already data on water and magnets so some fun study out there in cyberspace but sometimes doing is better than dry data and seeing if you can get a result at all can be a blast.
I do not want to hear about the -but GMS says I need a high speed camera - speech to management.  You are on your own for that one  Whooo hoooooo new toys!!!  <-yahoo_>
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: sluice box using magnets
« Last post by KenKlondike on Today at 12:24:10 PM »
I was thinking of

Make a small glass sluice, just so a camera can look in from the sides.

Run clean water through with a bilge pump.

Soak cleaned gold dust in UV ink (don't know if it would wash off).

Set up a magnet strip in the glass sluice (no riffles)

Turn off the lights and turn on the UV light and do a run.

Any input into the test is appreciated.

General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: sluice box using magnets
« Last post by GollyMrScience on Today at 11:47:13 AM »
Yes experimenting - without blowing the budget - can lead to sometimes unexpected results. I hope to have the fist couple of vids posted this coming week and as I have said these will be the start of it for me. I will observe and report and then we can expand on it. As I said in the now gone thread  an effect can happen regardless of how you explain it. No matter how much you say you do not accept the laws of gravity if you step off a building gravity will happen.  If it is repeatable and predictable it can then be studied and maybe explained but regardless,  if it can be used  the explanation can remain in debate so long as its something we find useful.
Frankly guys if some guy next to me at the river is wearing a funny hat his grandma knit him and he claims it helps him get more gold i will nod and say good for you. If I do a side by side comparison of panning with and without using his grandmas hat he lends me and find out that I am getting significantly more gold then I will be asking him to ask his grandma if she can knit me one of them things too. I will carry on experiments and study to determine why it works...later...after this next pan...or ...two.
Investments in mining / GOLD PROGNOSIS OF THE BANKS FOR 2017
« Last post by Flo86xx on Today at 11:21:10 AM »

Will the gold price rise? Will the gold price drop? The beauty of predictions are that there are - predictions. You can be right, or wrong. In the rarest cases, one can predict something exactly. As a rule, one is glad when a trend has been recognized correctly. When analyzing forecasts, the "who speaks" is of great importance in modern communication theory. It means not only what is said, but also who says it.

Banks are, in contrast to the small private investor, crucial players in the market. When banks publish assessments or analyzes, then has the weight. Banks have interests, and banks sell or buy gold. The healthy understanding of the people knows that whoever wants to sell is interested in high gold prices; who wants to buy, who is interested in cheap gold courses.

Now one must not immediately under every market forecast interfere with market influence. Of course, predictions and outlooks are a help for decisions. A professional and well-founded chart analysis provides reliable statements. But financial institutions also know the laws of market psychology. So when banks publish their gold price forecasts, it's not just about "right" or "wrong". It is also about future interests.

• JP Morgan
• Goldman Sachs
• Deutsche Bank
• Royal Bank of Scotland
• Barclays Capital
• Société Générale
• Credit Suisse

Forecasts for 2017: In the big picture, the gold forecasts for the current year reflect a much more positive attitude of the banks towards 2016. On average, an average gold price of approximately 1290-1580 dollars is seen. This is significantly higher than last year 2016.

The performance of a selection of our depot favorites:

Barrick Gold Share: (WKN: 870450 - ISIN: CA0679011084)
Gold Standard Ventures: (WKN: A0YE58 - ISIN: CA3807381049)
Ximen Mining Corp .: (WKN: A1W2EG - ISIN CA98420B1013)
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: sluice box using magnets
« Last post by KenKlondike on Today at 10:08:34 AM »
I have done experiments however will expand my testing.

When gold has inertia (from gravity) and as it enters and exits a magnetic field, it slows down (loses inertia). This is due to Lenz's law and magnetic eddies. When the gold leaves the magnetic field it regains its momentum from gravity.

The larger the magnets or gold particles the larger the effect. Vice versa.

I have not done tests regarding using large magnets on just water flow, and how the water is effected by a magnetic field.


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