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Title: Witching??
Post by: rockpup on May 27, 2008, 09:58:00 PM
I read a article in a treasure hunting magazine about witching for old graves.I have never heard of such a practise. Just wondering if anybody else has heard of this? you use a stick /dowsing rod and can locate the grave site.The article mentions this being used in police investagations to help find bodies.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: McDame on May 27, 2008, 10:41:42 PM
I have heard witching for gold by some people but never talked to anybody who did it first hand . But my dad witched for water and it worked for him was with him when he did and saw it work. Never Heard using it to find bodies though.He used a forked willow stick. <-thinking-> It seems to work for some people and not others?
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: VikingSniper on May 28, 2008, 07:46:18 AM
 :-* :-* :-* :-*
Be careful with that one, might open doors that should not be opened DEVIL&??
You have to state what you are looking for,because you are looking for energy.
If you use dowsing pendulum with magnet put gold nuggets in with magnet so
you are clear in what you are looking for,the dowsing rods are for more advanced
users.Just don't use any spells or other stuff etc and you should be fine ;D
Some people don't need rods or pendulum they just put the hands out and
do it that way.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: rockpup on May 28, 2008, 07:54:49 AM
I just seen mention of this. I would rather not find a body when Im looking for AU. It is would be possible,heaven forbid.What happens if your dowsing for gold, and you found some on a dead mans finger(ring).That be very creepy!
I wonder if this ever happens while metal detecting.Im sure it has I just never heard any mention of such,has anyone heard of this.What about anyone digging up a body by mistake when looking for gold.Maybe thinking its a old tailing pile? What about gold teeth?Has anyone found one gold panning,I never thought of that before. :o
Alot of people died in the gold fields, it would be possible.I hope those old miners thought of this before they buried there dead.Just a little morbid thinking to freak you guys out lol
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: VikingSniper on May 28, 2008, 08:04:46 AM
Very good point rockpup old graves and tailing piles look the same.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: feeftynorth on February 28, 2009, 04:30:16 PM
I have been a dowser for many years, use it to find all kinds of stuff works well when things are buried.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: NSProspector on March 19, 2010, 09:29:34 PM
Oh Boy I can really say something here but I don't want to offend anyone !

Ok, I had this Dowsing rod several years ago, it was a chamber with a screw end cap, you load what you were looking for into the chamber. At this screw end was also an adjustable telescopic antenna. The chamber sat on a metal Rod that had a small metal rod out the top that attached to the chamber and it could swivel all around at free will. It also came with fiberglass  handles that when push apart would resemble a Y. You could take the metal handle off and use the fiberglass handles like a diving rod. Ok, like I said you load what you are looking for in the chamber, example small silver coin, or small sample of Gold and you would hold it steady out in front of you. And the chamber with antenna would rotate and point in a certain direction, you would walk in that direction. One time I put my brothers Gold wedding band in the chamber and it pointed towards a small river. At the edge of the river it pointed to the other side, so I crossed the river once on that side it pointed back to the other side again. I stood in the river and it kept spinning around. Next I put the figerglass handles on , spead them out like a Y and held the chamber with antenna straight out in front of me while standing in the river.
Well the next thing that happened was the pull was so strong the fiberglass handles started to point straight up to the sky, over my head and pointed directly to the ground directly behind me in the river. I tried it again and it kept doing the same thing. I don't know till this day what was in that river at that spot as the flow of water was to fast to slow it down to dig. I came back several times to try to dig in that spot but it was evidend that I would need more than a shovel to dig there so I abandoned the spot.

Well a couple years later I was doing some research on the matter and what I found out was this was not a something a Christian should be playing with so I took it back in the bush and buried it where I don't think anyone will find it for the next thousand years if even then.

Then several years latter i was telling a Prospector friend whom also claimed to be a Christian about this Rod I had, he made one with some simple parts he had laying around. I warned him about the danger of using this thing but he had to try it out anyway. from a couple miles away he was gettind a strong pull in a certain direction we followed that direction stopping the car and him getting out every few  hundred feet. It led to this same area I was in before and got this signal yet his was coming from a small brook that lead up from this river. We followed up the Brook a few hundred feet and as soon as we got to a certain spot it turned toward the bank of this brook. I got him to climb up on top of the 50 to 60 ft bank and while on top the reading pointed back down to where we were at bottom of the brook. We climbed back down and again it pointed into the Bank. We didn't have any big shovels with us but we scraped along side of the bank but could no see anything yet if there is a deposit of Gold ther it's in the side of the bank. This particular bank was in a brook that was renamed Gold Brook, as stories of back in the 1800's they panned , and used rocker boxes for Gold from this particular brook.
We noly found a small flake from this brook only panning a couple times, and yet I have walked up this brook in the past and seen a small speck peering outa some quartz in one of the small falls, do you think I could find this again ....Not.

Anyway that's my story and you can do what you want I'm not saying what to do but as for me , you wouldn't catch me playing with that thing again!
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: pjstarchild on March 20, 2010, 09:19:52 PM
I have tryed witching a few times, (night shifts at the coal mines can be quite and to my surprise, it works.... for me it was buried electrical wires. Never heard of it working to find the dead tho, you can test that theory at your local graveyard for kicks. Maybe leave the shovel and pan at home tho, you wouldnt want to start an audience with the red and blue spotlights on you.  <~ShOcK~> Than again, at night, with the right music, and smoke effects, would be a cool you tube could be a star!!!! lol, sorry, I have ADD and a wild imagination...lots of short stories tho!!! [^Crazy!#] Honestly, it has to do with the Earths energies.....not Satan. DEVIL&?? Thanks for that question, I really enjoyed should have seen what I wrote that later thought I shouldnt post. {-censored-} <-hypnotized->
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Guest on March 20, 2010, 09:34:25 PM
Oh my, cool response,,,,,,,,,,,, <-laugh-> <-laugh-> <-laugh-> <-laugh-> <-laugh-> [email protected]* [email protected]* [email protected]* [email protected]*.................Guest            [email protected]* [email protected]* [email protected]* [email protected]*
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Vikingsniper on March 20, 2010, 10:05:09 PM
Try explaining this.....on the pendulum I use it has a chain, I can feel "energy" going through my hand....there are certain area's that the chain has so much "energy" it gets Hot and I have to let go...just makes me feel real uncomfortable. 
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: pjstarchild on March 20, 2010, 10:28:16 PM
"The Pendulum"...hmmm, I have used this technique, only to find out the sex of my kids while my spouse was prego. It worked 100% twice. Coincidence, maybe.

As far as having minerals become hot in your hand, I have felt that before too, not only hot but kinda vibrate. I have some now that I cannot remember the names of, but can easily find out if needed. I know one is from Russia. Unlike most minerals or crystals that have a cold feel, these get very warm, very fast. I myself cannot explain alot of this, but I also learned that some people are more responsive to this than others.

Without getting into too much more, tell me about your pendulum VikingSniper, what is it made from?
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Vikingsniper on March 20, 2010, 10:46:31 PM
A plastic pill bottle with round magnet in the bottom, two chains that touches the magnet is non magnetic and the one I hold is magnetic....I am not holding any minerals....I am just walking around holding this chain and sometimes have to let go.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: pjstarchild on March 20, 2010, 11:01:19 PM
I have not heard of that with magnets, very interesting tho. I do know that magnets have been used for therapeutic remedies for thousands of years. Magnets are very interesting gifts from the Earth. I know with Earth magnets you can make a motor (generator) that will spin perpetually for at leased a couple of years far!!lol

So back to "Witching", Why was disunderstood science related to the witches??lol
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: CaribooAu on March 20, 2010, 11:30:03 PM

Warlock Au. here.... <-laugh->......really it's not A laughing matter.......some people get A little upset with it all but there is something to it for dad showed me years back and I thought he was A little "off"  <-unsure_> So anyway he showed me and he made me try it......he likes to balance A old heavy iron bar on 2 fingers and walks till the tip can feel the was A bit freaky.....first I thought I made the bar drop so I tried again and it dropped down again an if you backed up the bar leveled.. ???

I like using 2 copper rods bent in to "L" with one A bit longer.......they seem to be really sensitive...still trying to figure out what is happening with it and what means what.... <-thinking->
It's just the energy fields and different paths they follow........nothing scary.. :D
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Toppossum on March 21, 2010, 05:58:40 AM

An excellent book on the topic of dowsing is "The Divining Hand" by Christopher Bird.  Over the centuries there has been a lot of investigation into the topic, and it is still not entirely understood.  Some people have the talent others don't.  It is usually the ones who don't who are the biggest skeptics.  In my opinion it is not some supernatural force  [email protected]*, but a natural ability.  In much the same way that animals can sense storms, or earthquakes before they occur.

I have only tried dowsing a few times with limited success, but my brother dowses quite often to find buried electrical lines and pipes for renovations and construction jobs.  He is as accurate as the consultants who use the electronic detectors.  I have to see if I can get him to go prospecting with me this summer. <-thinking->
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Wil on March 21, 2010, 07:40:49 AM
Tried it last summer----figured I'd show you guys, with your stupid gold pans, sluice boxes and metal detectors!
Used welding rods, pendulums with maps, etc. Not even a smell.

Can this be taught? ...Wil
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: GollyMrScience on March 21, 2010, 08:26:33 AM
Some of you old timers might remember a series of articles I did many years ago for a magazine called Popular Mining. I did a fairly detailed examination of dowsing and map dowsing in particular as it was one of the more interesting aspects of the art to me.
Just a few bits and pieces here but firstly the act of dowsing has nothing to do with good or evil or the Devil or anything like that unless the dowser themselves is dowsing with that influence.
Secondly the dowsing response of angle rods crossing, pendulums swinging or Y rods turning has nothng to do directly with anything. They are merely amplifying you own responses - the very subtle changes in your own body in response to something be it real or imagined.
I said imagined because a dowser can be influenced very easily if told that a target is in such a such place. Actually that is one of the biggest skills a dowser should concentrate on is eliminating influences that give them false target impressions.
Tests of dowsers have been inconcusive and I think that is where dowsing has been such a difficult thing to accept. It is not dependable - it is not predictable as far as success or not - it certainly is not something that should be counted on as so many things can screw it up.
At the same time it can be an interesting bit of data to add to the pile and if followed up with other testing systems could form part of a prospectors tool box.
One of the features of dowsing isn't so much that the user is guided to a target but rather the state of mind that the dowser goes into to use the dowsing tool. A heightened state of awareness and a more direct/accepting connection with the users intuition. In this state of mind subtle clues can be picked up on and the prospector does not act to second guess it  because there is a third party in the mix. Where the prospector might have ignored or missed a clue and may have talked themselves out of checking something out the third party credibility created thorugh the dowsing rods responding gives the prospector a better connection to their instincts and intuition without concious intervention or editing.
Having said that though I have to reiterate that dowsing (in my opinion) is not dependable enough to risk spending big bucks on just that data. If someone wants to try it for looking for something like buried utility lines etc as long as they are not risking life and limb on the result or spending huge bucks to dig a hole then its no big deal. Committing to a drilling program or opening a mine based just on a dowsing response is not a safe undertaking.
Too many things can influence a dowser - coffee - fatique - a fight that morning with their spouse.
Meanwhile a metal detector will beep when a piece of metal moves under its coil. It will do that every time -regardless of the time of day, the personal beliefs of the operator or the builder, the amount of coffee the operator has had etc. Until the batteries die. It does not get bored, or wishful. Its attention span does not wander. It does not suddenly recall an unpaid traffic ticket that could get it arrested on the way back from the job.
So I have said all that to say this: I have seen enough results to confirm for my own understanding that dowsing ( when done properly) is a real thing. It is not dependable enough to bet the farm on and while it might put you onto the next big gold strike I would be following up with more dependable instrumentation and testing before committing anything more than curious attention to a dowsing result.

As an aside Wil yes it can be taught though in testing I did some people were much better at it than others. Practice was essential as was the right state of mind - one that accepts the result and does not fight with the data by second guessing or wishing it to be a certain result. Having pointed that out though I would also point out that there is a thin line between being accepting and open about results and being gullible. Just because you get a dowsing response does not guarantee ANYTHING and relying on that result without other data stacking is where many people have gotten into trouble when using dowsing.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Guest on March 21, 2010, 09:13:55 AM
Have known two women here in Williams Lake that witched for water wells, interesting enough Mrs Bond and Mrs Bush were deadly accurate as to postion and depth, depth generally within 5 ft, know this from having dug the wells that they predicted, they were spot on the money. Now as to gold witching, have seen Jeff do this out at Little Snowshoe Creek and dig up a 3/4 oz with quartz nugget, was quite amazing, although he will tell you it's a fifty/ fifty thing for himself, and unfornatly he isn't really interested in witching others claims, he's got a couple himself and that keeps him busy, would like to be able to do it myself, but haven't the ability <-d'oh-> <-d'oh->.........Guest
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Chuxgold on March 21, 2010, 10:14:57 AM
To me dowsing is a form of sorcery. And culminates abstract thought into a readable form. to those just starting out it may seem prospecting is a endless endeavor to learn. Not so. But the nuances of the things that truly work have a unlimited amount of variables. These variables come from such a wide range of conditions and circumstances it would take two life times to know exactly what they are all telling you. So sorcery is a permanent form of dowsing were Ideas culminate around one provable point. I found gold here. Is more of it over there or over there?  Quantifying the thinking past what you know.  Into a direction to fallow.. With the rods to giving that subtle reference to what your thinking past conches thought.
If some one doubts the ability of dowsing. check out what happens when you swing a peace of quarts crystal over a peace of gold. There is more to it than just the mind. Witch to me is in the form of the same properties of electrical current as a peace of quarts and the mind shares.
Could be the electron or protons seeking out the gold. And only the inner mind can see the gold’s influence over them.
I have spent a life time learning that inner language. One I believe is backwards to conches thought. A reasonable reason why dreams are so darn hard to hold on to. Unless you pull them all the way out and examine there hole length. Seeing and knowing it in a conches form. They slip away like a good joke you can't remember. the things that are strongly felt that have no bearing or connection to something ells remembered. Is seemingly forgotten. But if the emotion behind the memory is strong. The dream side of the mind remembers it. So when relaxed with friends, the jokes some times come back tio you.           
It takes the same state of mind for dowsing.   Half dream, half conches thought. And only works for looking for gold if you know its many properties that make it be were it is.
I would bring up fractals and the fractal knowledge of the universe. But am still working on that one. I will say this thou. Fractals are a language that has a connection with reality. But is not a part of it.
Something more of creation and oblivion. Than what’s in-between them.
Chuck.  <-thinking->
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: pjstarchild on March 21, 2010, 12:40:57 PM
I might have to disagree with you Chuck, but I do see your point and understand alot of what you are talking about. I have studied alot of innerself teachings and the power within. I think the science of our Earth and the metaphysical do rely on each other in alot of ways, and you wouldn't have one without the other. Alot about this kind of thing is very hard to understand and can take a lifetime, just to know a little. Some people are gifted with this knowledge. For others, it is easy to say it is only science, and some might say it is magic, because they can't explain it.

But getting back to the point here, I think it has more to do with the Earths energy rather than sorcery, and a very simple example is the compass. It moves on its' own and always points north, but not one bit magick.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: willthedancer on March 21, 2010, 07:04:18 PM
Magick is just a term we use for things we do not understand YET. I do not use them but just for fun, but I have a nice pair of 1/4" brass rods with a 90 degree bend at the held end. They cross right on up when I arrive at what I was looking for.

Like all things 'paranormal' lets just say that we use a tiny little part of our brain, and the rest of it is busy with system processing of data, but not that busy. Brains are sensitive to quantum, gravitational, magnetic,  and electrical disturbances. If you think its bunk, close your eyes and have a friend wave a nail, and a small piece of wood both about the same size, past where your nose meets your forehead. Most everyone can feel the difference, and tell the tester which is metal.

BTW, I am not a new ager, and I think that most metaphysics is just ever widening circles of arcane bunk labelling for stuff.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Chuxgold on March 21, 2010, 10:13:49 PM
I might have to disagree with you Chuck, but I do see your point and understand alot of what you are talking about. I have studied alot of innerself teachings and the power within. I think the science of our Earth and the metaphysical do rely on each other in alot of ways, and you wouldn't have one without the other. Alot about this kind of thing is very hard to understand and can take a lifetime, just to know a little. Some people are gifted with this knowledge. For others, it is easy to say it is only science, and some might say it is magic, because they can't explain it.

But getting back to the point here, I think it has more to do with the Earths energy rather than sorcery, and a very simple example is the compass. It moves on its' own and always points north, but not one bit magick.
I would not say that earths emerges do not play a role. After all, looking for gold is not what it is probably for. And is more about connection and presents. A grounding effect that makes a complete circuit. Placing any metal in your hands directs it in a visual way that the conches mind can understand.
Also will say that intent is more important than the tool. What is the value of what you seek, worth to you? And why you seek it.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Wil on March 22, 2010, 07:25:10 AM
SO.....maybe we should be calling "witching" by it's other name, "dowsing".
According to what's been written here it's more related to magnetism and energy wave theories than it is to spiritual concepts like ghosts and spirits.
Guess I might as well burn my Oiji board, no gold here-going to miss talking to Elvis though.
Interesting! ...Wil
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Chuxgold on March 22, 2010, 09:54:16 AM
SO.....maybe we should be calling "witching" by it's other name, "dowsing".
According to what's been written here it's more related to magnetism and energy wave theories than it is to spiritual concepts like ghosts and spirits.
Guess I might as well burn my Oiji board, no gold here-going to miss talking to Elvis though.
Interesting! ...Wil
Threes no difference between the two. Both are forms of the same thing. And use the same naturally conches part of energy. like how animals pass on knowledge thru there jeans.
Thou only lasting milliseconds. A peace of paper knows at its molecule level it is a form of wood. But when we change it into paper. It is likely theses same channels of energy remember even this. And may exist in the spaces between the electrons and protons. As a type of black hole.
Space without space. Sounds like what mite be between the atomic matter that keeps it working like a solid????
Witch I believe is what the big bang blew a hole in.
Any way it is about these transmissions of existence that the rods are reading. On even a map.
A Wiji board is based on Anglo-Saxon ideals, and has numbers and letters as the keys to seeing theses energies. But without natural direction looking to a source of tangible existence to conect with. Like a map, that is something like a picture of a area. Where you could actualy go.
And instead of a easily controlled sliding eye. Requires the involuntary action of the subconscious mind thru something that is more marginally controlled like a pendulum.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: honeyman76 on March 22, 2010, 11:44:58 AM
I recall growing up, my step father dowsing for water with two willow sticks. Those things went nuts in his hands!!!! So, I gave it a go and walked overt the same ground. Nothing happened! What gives? Any ideas why one person can do it and the other can't?? If we are basing all  of this on science, then why would it work for one person and not next? Also, is there a way to learn how to dowse for those that can't? Should I being hanging out with wil and his Ouija board?? LOL [email protected]* [email protected]*
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Chuxgold on March 22, 2010, 01:01:07 PM
Best I can figure Dwane. Is that it is a evolutionary thing. And is not meant as a tool for finding things with.
Those that can are connected to the idea more than a skill. But have known some one that was so dead on. A driller would not drill, without there say so on where. And how deep. What’s more baffling is the accuracy that can be guest. Or seen in how far down the water is. Drill 5 feet to far sometimes. And your not going to hit water again until you make it to china. And there is great cost to the driller for dry holes so probably all serious well drillers actually have some one or If not there own self thought ideas of where. To lean on, that makes them good at what they do. The guy I knew had a one hundred percent success rate. Were other drillers in the same area got only 75%..
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: feeftynorth on March 22, 2010, 08:51:15 PM
Good Post Dwayne,
  My Neighbor was digging up his front yard looking for a leaking water pipe, he couldn't find the pipe,  i went up with bent coat hangars, and located the pipe, it was not where the City map said it was, but the pipe and leak were just under where the hangars crossed, i gave the hangars to my Neighbor, and they would not move  in his hands over the target site, so it is  a function of the Dowser and the Willow sticks, or coat hangars or the pendulum.
  I have also used Dowsing to locate hidden stashes of cash in houses, on occasion.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: honeyman76 on March 23, 2010, 07:55:06 AM
Dowsing, is on of those things in life, that I would love to experience. Seeing is beleiving. I can't say that it is science because science in my mind, provides repeatable results. There for, my conclusion is, that dowsing, goes beyond science and is a phenomena. Why do I say this, because, one person it works, but not the next. There is more going on here then simple magnetism. Can someone please post a personal experinece where they learned to dowse? Maybe provide advise. Again, after seeing my step brother and dad do it, I have always found it frustrating that I couldn't.

Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Toppossum on March 23, 2010, 11:17:56 AM

Don't be disheartened by your lack of skills dowsing, for some people it requires a lot of practice, or a good mentor.  I look at the skill as being on par with musical ability.  Some people are musical prodigies and others can't carry a tune in a bucket, but musical ability cannot be denied.  Most people have to practice a lot to acquire the ability to play a musical instrument well.  In my opinion it is the same with dowsing.  The more you practice the sooner your skill will improve, however you could be one of those unfortunate people who is dowsing (tone) deaf.  Keep practicing and try different methods, rods, branches, etc. it won't hurt and it will give your neighbours something to talk about.  ;D


P.S - Did you know the German Navy used dowsers with pendulums to locate Allied convoys for their submarines to attack during WWII?
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Dubya on March 23, 2010, 03:16:03 PM
When I was a teenager, my Dad wanted to drill a new well for his new shop, he called two different neighbours.  They came over at different times and neither one talked to the other one.  What was really amazing was that they both picked the same spot.  The one neighbour even told my Dad how deep.  Dad was confident enough in their skills that he had the well drilled where they said.  It was a good well within about 10 feet of the depth that was predicted.  I tried it and nothing.  But when I held the willow stick and the one neighbour put his hands over my, I swear I could feel the stick pull over the site.  I absolutely can not explain it, I can not even come up with a theory as to how it works, but I have seen it and for those gifted few, it works.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Vagadero on March 24, 2010, 12:03:26 PM
"May the Force be with you"  [email protected]*
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: feeftynorth on March 25, 2010, 07:48:33 PM
Canadian Society of Questers
Canadian Society of Questers (
  This group handles Dowsing like this one does Prospecting.  I am a member.
  Toppossum, Map dowsing with a pendulum does work, but it too is a skill that has to be learned, and practiced.
  As for Musical Ability, I have none, best I stick with the "Sticks"
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Chuxgold on March 26, 2010, 01:20:36 AM
Dowsing is so learnable to those that have the energy to spare. The abstract form of knowledge I always speak of. It is locked in the magnetism of the earth, and the universes creation. And there endings.  One positive one negative. In-between is what exists. And is remembered. And with this everything is connected. The map as a peace of paper. Or the map as a real place described by some one ells. With details. The details are the biggest part. Over even the pendulum, or wires. Conchesly aware of the details. Then seeing patterns in them that exist past what your actually seeing.
Once this is actually dun with success, there is no turning back thou. And if it was not for the sake of those that I speak, seeking something. I probably would have no voice for such things.
But the direction exists, so has merits all its own. Ones unthought-of by anyone.
A virgin path of conchesness. One were all the parts of man mite be explored. Every dream tested and shaped into something the universe can understand.
Faith is to primitive. Evolution wants more from us. Than merely believing it exists.
It wants us to prove it dues. By being a witness to it. And the better the witness the more knowledge, and power over knowledge we all can possess. At least if you have something like gold to apply it to.
One day man will be able to see without eyes. But untill then we need are destractions from are imperfect lives. While still letting are eventual future, find its way, thru are actions, But out of are controle.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: honeyman76 on March 26, 2010, 01:44:00 PM
In regards to Feeftynorth. I know zero about Map dowsing, but if this is possible, this would question any chance that dosing can be scientifically proven or explained as happening due to magnetism etc. It then becomes a matter of something more, that we cannot see or measure. Very interesting stuff.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Chuxgold on April 14, 2010, 11:09:37 AM
 Girl was found in Florida. And a bit of proof that dowsing dues not require wires pendulums or even a preconceived directions.
It dues require faith that it will work!
The guy may blame it on faith alone. But one look at the him and you can see the prospector inside. Able to find comfort in the extreme thoughts that can come from finding something you really want. Things that change everything ones found.
The soil fears all extreme experiences. Inside the extremes there is a lack or total loss of control.
The power of the out come. Magnifies the searchers ability to extend into the abstract side of the world. Were nothing is ever lost or forgotten. Just how it is remembered. Is a matter of creation not communication. To simply be. And not need further definition in what it is, all is known. But purpose is a matter of the users ability to separate self from there own existence. And still posses a sense of being. With that being containing a question of extreme importance.
A question that can be so certain. That it can be transformed into reasoning.
A language?? Or just a sense of communication? It represents truth as only a mirror. And with that all questions get asked at ones. There is no separating self from self. So all we are is in that reflection.
And if there is to much we fear to know of self. Then it works against the sanity of the conches mind.
Jalousies erupt. With a dissatisfaction of the denial into the place we all must go sometime.
So as I have described in my understanding. I know not all are meant to seek the same path. It is a vary dangerous path. That is best traveled by those that have nothing to fear loosing. Either there lives are already there or they need to be now. Not in some after life. Now for some is the time to see the other side.
While most will pass thru there purgatory of regrets and misgivings they are responsible for.
Someone with the connection to the abstract. Dues not know regret. No matter how much they got out of life. They have a knowledge there is more to come. And are a travesty of the human existence that they are not supported and aided in there lives as seers. It is already a hell being one. And when those ones must find that same purgatory. Hell will ensue. And it is not there felt. They wake there. Full of conches ability. But the one to escape.
Man kind has been designed by its self into this hell of existence. We no longer follow the path we were given. One that gave value to seeing. So those that can, could find a worth in hew they are.
What if there was a job title for witching or sorcery. In a world like that. There would be no governments or need of science. And would have come to know a lasting peace that had no end.
And on one last note of warning. Every thing I have described is in the realm of prospecting. Most would not agree but those are the most that are prospecting that can afford it. Silver spoon and all some times. again most are stirring. But no one knows what it is to be truly poor. Beyond any hope of retrieval. No health to make the gains this world demands for existence. Born into a history that is best forgotten. If you have no stomach for facing it. Run!! Find a tree. And learn to know one thing well. Forget the forest. It's not for the faint of hart.
Were some feast on berries.
Others get eaten.           
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Ora on June 18, 2010, 05:32:32 PM
A few years back my Uncle an I were having a conversation and some how or another the crossed the topic of "Dousing", and he explained that he had doused quite sucessfully. I was more than skeptical, but of course curious to hear about his experiences. He went on to tell me different methods he had used, varying from balancing a crow bar or shovel in his hand, to brass rods, or forked willow, all being used to locate water when he used to drill water wells. He could tell that i was somewhat skeptical, so he suggested that i try it. Outside we went, armed with a pair of clothes hangers bent into L shapes. he showed me how to hold them and then directed me to walk ahead. (bear in mind that i had only heard of dousing for water until this point, and that just in front of me i was aware there was a natural gas line). As i walked ahead (as it happens, directly over the gas line), the two rods that had been pointing straight ahead, both swung in towards my chest in a very dramatic manor, wich totally took me by surprise! I turned to my uncle and he could see the look on my face and then explained to me that i was picking up the gas line (wich although i knew was there, was n ot something i thought i would pick up, as far as i was concerned, i was looking for water!) The feeling i  got the first time the rods moved is one that i will never forget, as it is something that i can not explain. Since then i have Doused everything from waater wells, old grownover trails, buried foundations, septic tanks, water lines, gas lines, power lines, irrigation lines, and the list goes on. I have shown and "proved" it (i use the word "proved" lightly!) it to friends, some of which tried and where sucessfull themselves, and others not so much. I cannot explain it, nor will i try to, but i can say without a doubt that for some people it works.... most of the time!
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: klrcraig on October 01, 2010, 03:49:57 PM
I install pumps and water wells for a living, and we witch wells all the time for water. I doubted it for a long time until my 75 year old boss got me to grab one for of the wye branch and he the other. He told me to squeeze as tight as I can to prevent the branch from moving as we walked towards an underground vien. the stick twisted in my hand so hard all the bark came off. From that moment on with a lot of practice I have been able to do it, not as well as him but none the less. I had no idea you could do it for minerals though, very cool stuff guys
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: lheaman on November 21, 2011, 07:12:00 AM
I have been able to dowse since was a child. My husband has found MANY water wells for people. Our oldest child is so sensitive that he can't use the ability for practical use. As children, kids used to pour a cup of water on the lawn while he hid his eyes in the house. He would then go out and find the spot.
My husband uses a "Y" stick. He has challenged several who don't agree to a test. He has them hold the stick, then he stands behind them and holds their lower arms. I watched a fellow try so hard to keep the stick from turning that he stripped skin off his palms.
I have never tried dowsing for metals but may do so in the coming year. Looking for bodies, I have not tried and don't feel a need to do so at present. I find grave robbing deplorable, but can see checking for grave before excavating for example.
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: MadKate on November 21, 2011, 10:16:25 AM
I know of dowsing, had heard of it being used for everything from water to minerals.  I've even looked into it myself on occasion.  Not sure if I want to use a pendulum or rods, though.  Anyway, I can see dowsing for graves and looking for bodies dumped in remote places.  If it helps locate a missing loved one and brings closure to the family, I don't see a problem with it.  Now for nefarious endeavors... No... Not keen on that.  To rob a grave is just wrong on so many levels.  Leave the dead in peace, I say. 

I've seen some pretty hinky crap in my days and not sure what to make of it.  Never seen a compass spin but I have seen and been in places where it feels different.  It even smells and looks different.  Like the color is duller or washed out and it smells stale or musty.  In a basement, that makes sense.  Out in the open, I don't know what to make of it.  Places like that make my skin crawl.

If you can find gold, silver, and platinum this way and you tend to hit it more often than not, go for it.  I say more power to you.  When you find that sweet pay streak, glory hole, or monster pocket, think kindly of the rest of us and document it well.  We want to read about the adventure. ;)
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: chuck bresland on November 21, 2011, 11:32:40 AM
Ok, I might as well add my stories since the subject has arisen. When I was a lad, there was a family friend, (Floyd John), who was well known for his Dowsing prowess. He used to come up from the states, (Oregon), every spring and spend until fall roaming from Cache Creek to Williams Lake. Talk was that he was trying to figure out how to get 9- 50lb gold bars across the border into the U.S. These "Gold bars" had been loot robbed from a stage coach, and he supposedly found them with his rods, then re-located them. I even remember the slide show where he was showing pics of his travels. On one particular photo, he stopped, looked at my Dad and winked, saying "This is my favorite", was his car parked off the side of a dirt road, and all that area looks the same around Cache Creek!!! I always thought it was hooooey, until my step brother went awol from the Navy. Floyd "Asked" his rods where he was, the answer, St,Louis. Sure enough, he had fled to his Grandparents place in St. Louis. Now, Floyd couldn't have known this, as he didn't know the grandparents, or where they lived. As far as we know, the bars are still where he supposedly buried them about 20 minutes from the only motel in Cache Creek in the late '50s. There were no landmarks in the photo, just the same rolling hills with sage brush. I do know this though: Even though the stories differ as to how many bars went missing, how far the robbers got before being caught and killed, and which direction they rode for "15-20" minutes, the bars have NEVER been found as far as authorities know.  I have talked to a few very experienced dowsers since, and they all say the same thing: "Just ask, and be specific about what you seek, and ye shall find". <-shock_> <-thinking->
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: MadKate on November 21, 2011, 01:08:54 PM
Gives a body something to ponder.  <-thinking->
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Goldcrow on November 21, 2011, 07:33:30 PM
With my rods I can find water, gas & electrial cables. Haven't tried for metals (gold) yet. Maybe next summer..... <-yes_>
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Newbie101 on December 13, 2011, 06:06:39 PM
The other day my brother was mentioning to me that there was a break in the water line at work and he had simply picked up some welding rods and went and found the break in the underground line. I have known him for 50 years and I didn't know he knew how to dowse?! The funny thing is this, he is a devote Christian, he reads his Bible every night before bed (I know that doesn't necessarily prove anything, but he also is a pretty good bible thumper) and yet he also can dowse. On top of that he didn't know that it was called dowsing, I had to explain to him what it was, though I didn't have the heart to tell him that I'm a sceptic but I don't think he really grasped it, he was too busy telling me about the end times. Anyways I guess he had seen somebody else do it and thought that this was the normal practice for finding a broken water line or whatever it was.

 So I do have a question, if a person is able to dowse for gold then why work at a regular job?

Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Goldcrow on December 13, 2011, 08:08:13 PM
Dowsing is not an exact science, I'm thinking...Many can find running water, underground springs & other stuff. But knowing depths/distances & quantities is mostly guessing. Some accuracy comes with experience, but I know dowsers with lots of experience, & they say "about here" "about this deep" "about this much"!!! So I think its mostly about feeling & confidence in your skill. THEN you gotta dig!
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: MadKate on December 14, 2011, 12:22:21 AM
A plastic pill bottle with round magnet in the bottom, two chains that touches the magnet is non magnetic and the one I hold is magnetic....I am not holding any minerals....I am just walking around holding this chain and sometimes have to let go.

Ok, now you got my curiosity up and running.  I take it the nonmagnetic is brass and the magnetic is steel?  <-thinking-> 

Good thing I have the parts to make one.

Since the pill bottle has a little bump, I have 2 magnets in the bottle.  The magnet with a hole is on the bottom, the solid round is on the top.  The brass ball chain is long enough to lay on the magnet.  At the hole in the lid, I have the brass ball chain fastener and it is connected to a steel ball chain.  So might it look something like this?

Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: -XE-Klump on December 16, 2011, 11:06:28 AM
I happened one day to be in the swiss mountains at a small cabin where a freind of mine asked me if i could witch for water i didnt even know what that was at the time but he pulled out these bent rods like a L shape ( They were coat hangers i believe) and put them in his hands started walking real slow and then the rods crossed themselves. So he let me try and it worked since then i have found underwater viens  that when i track them i try to get three or more to intersect and drilled for good wells and others found same spots using witching one lady used alder branch like a big sling shot to find same spot. I have not one clue how it works i found underground power lines also i cant tell how deep they are but someday i would like to walk down a creek with nuggets in it and just see if it works on them too, heres a liquid gold video i say liquid gold because in the future water maybe worth more than gold someday.

        Water Dowsing Expert Jack Coel Proves Skill
      - YouTube

        Water witching for fun.wmv
      - YouTube
Title: Re: Witching??
Post by: Goldcrow on December 16, 2011, 07:46:36 PM
Pretty much what I use, - steel coat hangers, & small copper tubes in my hands that the hangers go thru, so I don't grip the rods.