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Title: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: Vikingsniper on November 07, 2010, 08:00:33 AM
I just found this news in my internet surfing  :(

CBC News - Nova Scotia - Treasure hunting to be banned in N.S. waters (
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: GPEX admin on November 07, 2010, 12:46:30 PM

Though I’d heard of this proposal earlier in the year, thank you for bringing this issue to light, VS, for it clearly demonstrates yet another instance where such a small body of narrow-minded and greedy individuals reach their tentacles out in attempt to control others, and for no justifiable reasoning.

For many, many years Nova Scotia’s Treasure Trove licensing has been in effect in that province, which fundamentally was put in place so that the government could glean a royalty off any treasures found, upon or within NS soils.  The Feds held jurisdiction over anything found in the waters along the coast.  The Feds were so generous to permit the finder of a treasure, his expenses only – ah ha, and the glory.  The Province, however, only demanded a 10% royalty.  From the days I once held a NS TT license, things apparently changed, as divers could (up until this goes into effect) keep the lion’s share – and rightfully so, for it is they who have spent literally years and years of research, then many more years of searching for the sites of some of these treasure laden ships that found their way to the bottom along the NS shorelines.  Yet, the gluttonous shipwreck-hugger types are now whining over something that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. And oh yeah, they also wish to flag this under, what else, a HERITAGE label.  Now where have I heard such phrases before?  Hmmm…. me thinks I know.

To more closely examine this, there is ZERO – not one single thing to do with any shipwreck anywhere around this world that has anything form of ‘Heritage’ affiliation.  Shall we take this word so loosely and wrongfully used to its true meaning - - -

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Definition of HERITAGE
: property that descends to an heir
a : something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor : legacy, inheritance b : tradition
: something possessed as a result of one's natural situation or birth : birthright <the nation's heritage of tolerance>

Examples of HERITAGE
1.   <hospitality is a cherished Southern heritage>
2.   <this farm is my heritage from my father, as it was for him from his father>

Origin of HERITAGE
Middle English, from Anglo-French, from heriter to inherit, from Late Latin hereditare, from Latin hered-, heres heir — more at heir


Now lets try to affix a Nova Scotia ‘Heritage’ factor (or in that fact, of any other jurisdiction) to a sunken shipwreck or its cargo of long ago.  Of which there is none !!!  Point blank !!!  Whether Spanish, British or from wherever, those sailing vessels of long ago were both purposely dispatched for, and, sailed by their navigators to, transport ‘stolen’ (and I reiterate, STOLEN) gold and gems which came from other peoples and cultures.   And where is the written ‘Will’ of such captain awarding his heir looms gained from his forefathers, to some descendant?  In that fact, even if there had existed such a document, hundreds of years have passed without one shred of effort being applied (by such benefactor) to go forth to search for and eventually discover a wreck's actual resting place.  In other words, the booty was ‘abandoned.’   As is always the case, though, there are that element of people who are none less than jealous of others and what others do.  And who’s only agenda on this is, beyond breathing good air other good people are more deserving of, is to try to make problems for others or otherwise do what they can to deny.

In further examination of this matter, the biggest cry seems to come from, ahem, ‘sport’ divers.  Under the magnifying glass, how many would this amount to in five year period – who’d hold the interest to dive in ocean waters just for a look-see?  Lets go liberal here and say a whopping 100 - - in other words, 100 individuals not only wants, but expects, all this underwater treasure to lay there embedded in many metres of sand and silt, just so they can say, “well, I think we might have dove over something last year.”  And, “we’ll have to do that again, come 2016, if out little group still exists.”

The one and ‘only’ thing I could agree with in regard to such proposals, is that Treasure Trove Licenses, no matter where they cover or where they are issued for, should only be delved out to individuals who are a citizen of the country in which they are issued for.  If the individual applying for a NS TT License is not a Canadian, then sorry dude !

Of further consideration, very little of the treasures brought from the depths goes into private collections and to no longer be seen by others eyes, for most of the treasures are either purchased by museums or otherwise permitted by the owner to be displayed within museums around the world.  The lust for treasure hunting is not primarily to secret one’s finds away somewhere, for a treasure hunter’s biggest gains come from others being permitted to view what they had worked so long and hard to achieve.

What we have going on down in Nova Scotia, is a ‘small’ minority of people doing all they can to control, restrict and otherwise hinder, the rest of the populous.  And by using something so feeble in their labeling offshore treasures as bearing the tag of Heritage.  Does that not ring a bell for anyone here in BC, or in that fact, in most other provinces? 

For our Nova Scotian friends, I would suggest this whole matter is something for the Supreme Court, and take by the arm, Merriam-Webster, with you.  More power to you !

JEALOUSY - - GREED - - CONTROL - - clear and simple !

Hmmm.... now we have 'Heritage Wreck-Huggers."  What about old garbage dumps of hundreds of years ago?  Would that then make them 'Heritage Garbage-Huggers' ?   Even the dumps of today - - is there a Heritage value there?  What about auto wrecking yards?  Same with 'Heritage Junk-Huggers ?  So on and so forth.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: Chuxgold on November 07, 2010, 12:52:19 PM
Never could understand why privet collecting is such a big deal of artifacts. It makes them worth something more. So makes it all something that mite get found. Ones the good spots are picked clean. The value go's up.
But that’s what its all about. Isn’t it! They can't afford the honest way of doing things.  There moral scope is not in focus. And is now aimed at nothing.
But back on its self.
Good intentions is not enough. Most of the time there pretty expensive. And when they are not afforded by are governments we all loose.

Why do we confuse richness and richness of heritage or anything that can be made to be worth more and more. By simply existing. In the ground it is worthless. In a museum is were it all enviably belongs. But the true value can not be afforded by them or us. So sights are raped. Not excavated by treasure hunters.
There is not a treasure hunter out there that would not give every single item they found special considerations of excavation. If it was of value to do so. If it did not carry a curtain path back to were it came from, and how it existed there. That would be criminal then.
Any way just some thoughts.
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: SLATE on November 07, 2010, 01:38:40 PM
Just another reason to never vote NDP.........
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: Chuxgold on November 08, 2010, 01:52:15 AM
Why is it a natural resource manager makes the decisions? Its not about historical value is it?. If considered a natural resources.
Nothing natural about any of the things found. As its artifacts were talking about.
As in man made.
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: lonedog on December 02, 2010, 12:06:12 PM
Most of the artifacts that are recovered by government people on their digs or dives are marked with a number and stored in some cardboard box in the bowels of some office never to be seen again by the public. When I find an artifact the discovery is shared with my family and friends and every once in a while I take them out and relive the experience. If I could find a museum that would garante my artifacts would remain on public view I would donate them in an instant. The trade in artifacts has been going on so long that most of the easy stuff has been sold or whatever. That kind of thinking by the NS government is just going to kill any interest in doing research by private individuals who are responsible for finding a great many of the ship wrecks in Canadian waters. BOO Nova Scotia government.
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: GPEX admin on December 23, 2010, 07:56:59 PM

While the NS Government's decision to Repeal the Treasure Trove Act holds deep repercussions for treasure divers and treasure-seeking companies, for the individual treasure hunter not into it to such scale, but are rather land hunters, it does hold a positive up-side.  As it would free up a large amount of prime treasure ground which would otherwise be locked up under TT licenses.
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: WorkinHard on December 24, 2010, 09:38:37 AM
The article says they're banning COMMERCIAL treasure hunting.... What if it's just a hobby?  ;)
Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: GPEX admin on December 24, 2010, 11:07:24 AM

Precisely the point.  Yet, if underwater, things are still quite encumbered... I'm sure they will be adding some sort of unspoken restriction to deny most any angle of finding anything.  The whole thing is so totally ridiculous, a handful of 'oh-let's-stop-everyone-from-doing-this' types that are brain-dead about which they are talking, yet are the loudest when it comes to Yappy.  Trouble is, though, the age old thing, the populous just rolls over and takes it.  I'm of the opinion, if someone has lost it and doesn't concern enough to go look for it until found, it's open game for the one who does.  But it doesn't really stop there, (NS) either, for any old British ship discovered, the Queen is right in there making claim, and if an old Spanish wreck, Spain is just the same.  All this Bull-C about the word 'heritage' being affixed to material thing a long time lost, is no more than that - - Bull-C.  That's the current East Coast version, 'Heritage',  just like our West Coast version - - 'Traditional.'  I have to laugh though, as in an old British treasure ship out of the 1700's being found then the Royalty laying claim under the Heritage angle - - some 'heritage' to lay claim to, for the riches they claim, they plundered and stole from the Spanish treasure-laden ships, of which was previously stolen from a Carribean or South American source.  Guess it fits right, it's the heritage you see - - they just want to keep right on stealing.  Grrrrr !

For the boys and girls into it in that area, all the more too them.  And I do hope to join them next year.  Do think divers ought to take on a whole new flag (banner) to fly, as in like this....  <-sealed_>

Title: Re: Treasure hunting to be Banned in Nova Scotia waters
Post by: AndyF on April 05, 2011, 08:22:26 PM
  Does this mean Oak Island too? Too bad.

  You'd think by now they would have figured out the solution is to sink 20 ft casement tubes in stacks while pumping out the water.

  Has my granddaughter says ...... Duhhhh.