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Title: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: GPEX admin on January 26, 2008, 03:20:00 PM
One river I've never panned, nor staked on.  Yet one which has yielded some nice nuggets, even in more modern times.  Possibly some of you who have worked on this river would share your successes and experiences.
Title: Re: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: Hunter on January 26, 2008, 09:15:59 PM
Hi there I have a friend that has a claim about 5 miles down from Quesnel Forks.  We have been up there quite often with the quads but have mostly explored/hunted the area rather than work his claim.  He has a backhoe and small sluice operation but with not a lot of sucess.  So we have both got metal detectors now and are planning to nugget shot the area.  I have been to Quesnel Forks and worked with gold pans but again only colours.  I'm currently researching the History of the area and plan to spend quite a bit more time up there this year prospecting.  There is a cabin so it makes things a lot more comfortable.  Oh ya we live at the 108 Mile Ranch.  Take care.

Title: Re: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: nutznboltz on January 26, 2008, 10:46:32 PM
hi i think that whole area is staked   nutznboltz  Monte lake
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Post by: CK Cowboy on February 07, 2008, 07:25:14 AM
Hey nutznboltz are you at Monte Lake se of Kamloops?
Title: Re: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: k0diak on March 20, 2011, 02:00:09 AM

This thread regarding gold prospecting on the Quesnel River has been open for 2+ years, and little has been said about the Quesnel River compared to some other active areas in the Cariboo region.   The fact that the BC government has established the Quesnel-Fraser River Junction Recreational Panning Reserve #329277 means those in the know who control the establishment of recreational mining reserves felt that the junction of the Quesnel & Fraser Rivers is a good spot for recreational prospecting.  Like many other reserves for recreational panning (but not all), the Quesnel-River Junction reserve is located in the heart of the City of Quesnel.

Running across an article on BC gov - MINFILE [LINKLINK (],  regarding placer mining on the Quesnel River, and the article was released two decades or so ago;

Placer mining operations along the Quesnel River have, up to 1945, recorded a production of 477 kilograms of gold. Much of this production has come from dredging operations but a significant amount of gold has been won from Tertiary benches with occur up to several tens of metres above the present river level.

Although the Quesnel River passes largely through volcanic and sedimentary rocks of the Nicola Group. It is considered that most of the placer gold has been derived from the Omineca terrane to the east rather than from the Nicola group.

The Quesnel River placer deposit, mainly on a low bench adjacent to the river, is typical of placer mining operations along the Quesnel River.

"Data from the Cariboo mining district indicate that supergene leaching of gold dispersed within massive sulphides by Tertiary deep weathering followed by Cenozoic erosion is the most likely explanation for the occurrence of coarse gold nuggets in Quaternary sediments" (Exploration in British Columbia 1989, page 147).

What to make of that data?  Well 477kg = 15335.9 Troy Ounces, and the calcuation of 477kg is a tally up to 1945; How much has been taken out in the last 65 years on top of that 477kg?  Even if one estimates, going back to 1850 to 1945, say 100 years; that's an average of more than 150 Troy oz per year.  And yes, of course a very high percentage of that gold was probably mined pre-1920, so in the first 80 years or so.   But if one considers the mining equipment that was used 80+ years ago, and the concentration on workable land close to water sources, there very well could be a pay streak or two to be discovered along Quesnel River.

Searching the 'net, Placer mining Quesnel River usually comes up as a quick passage or note in miner stories and geology reports, there is also the odd mention in some of the EMPR Bulletins, and some passed on legends of 'decent' nuggets being unearthed. Otherwise Quesnel River seems to be under the radar when it comes to reports of mining success.  Reviewing some of the EMPR bulletins, the annual Au production values during the Cariboo Gold Rush, Quesnel River region was fairly in gold volumes.

Looking on the MTO, all or most of the allowed river basin of the Quesnel River has been staked.  There was some open areas close to the City of Quesnel, but they have adminstrative reserves with restrictions for that section of the river.  In leaving the City of Quesnel and driving along the road that follows the Quesnel River towards Quesnel Forks, one only has sporadic glimpses of the Quesnel River from the roadway.  Much of the land in the region seems to be agricultural and local farmers homesteads dot the landscape along the river.  I didn't seen any mining camps, pits, or tailing piles in any clearings along or in the river basin, and I drove for about an hour or so before turning around.  I also keep in mind the statistics I ran across in a report of 2008, stating that 75% of all placer tenures registered on MTO were not renewed the following year.   <-thinking->  Since statistically most claims are relinquished and allowed to lapse, I wondered if maybe the tenures along the river are some other areas in the province, and being turned over from prospector to prospector by sale or ambitious individuals monitoring the MTO hopeful for lapsing tenures on prime placer claims locations with good lay of the land that may hold a hot pay streak. 

But looking that the claims along the Quesnel River, many (most) of them have old to very old tenure numbers.  There is the odd tenure that has higher (newer) id number, but I would guess that many of these tenures have been long established and held or traded for years without lapsing - so no new tenure numbers mean they are being actively mined, held & paid for, or actively traded.  Another region of the cariboo that continues to have long term activity, but doesn't seem to have as much of the spotlight as other areas of the Cariboo.  My drive along the river raised more questions than it gave answers regarding the secrets of the Quesnel River for placer mining activity. Like the so many areas of BC, the drive along the Quesnel River was a great experience to take in wonders of the BC wilderness and wildlife.

Well maybe by reviving this thread someone in the past two years has some experience of prospecting the Quesnel River that they are willing to share :)  I know I'm interested in hearing about their adventures. For now I'm off to read more replies about other gold field districts of BC... I sure enjoy my time reading CGPF, I learn something new about some aspect of gold prospecting on almost every thread!  <-good_>  Thank you everyone who is posting, and please keep sharing your experiences.  Off to the next topic thread  ;D


Title: Re: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: Guest on March 20, 2011, 08:27:31 AM
Yup most of the Quesnel is staked along the river, and the gravels bars have some interesting amounts of gold in them, there are a few spots open, if ya take a look theres a lot of creeks that run into the Quesnel, and most of these while not being huge poroducers also are gold bearing, Skelton and the Beaver Valley chain most notably.....couple on maps, the second one has a couple areas circled in red, lot of ground there to be explored and there is some old channels to be found there as well........Guest

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Quesnel River ( by Greywolfminer (, on Flickr

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Quesnel River 1 ( by Greywolfminer (, on Flickr
Title: Re: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: dacuz on March 20, 2011, 02:58:52 PM
Ive prospected and staked a claim touching that bottom red circle.  Very interesting gold so far but I will know more after spring. Their is all sorts of good ground in that circles area if you dig enough.
Title: Re: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: k0diak on April 25, 2011, 04:40:56 PM

Evening y'all :)

Well I was stuck work'in all weekend, and didn't get any time to play in the dirt.  I was hoping to make it down to Athabasca over the weekend, but things didn't turn out that way for me :( 

But tonight I am BC bound as I've got some business to look after, just over the provincial line.   I should be likely in Quesnel by mid-morning Tuesday, and out on the claim by noon at the latest. I need to get some basic info from my claim for this seasons NOW submission; pictures, GPS readings, etc.  So it's a fast trip to BC for 48-72hrs, work like a crazed claim owner; and then home again.  Maybe, if I am lucky a bit of time for a day's worth of crevice work or some pan sampling.  I'll share the news when I get back, most likely Thurs morn'in some time.   

Yayee, night driving.. darn animals... oh well, just take it slow, careful & steady, and thank goodness I have someone going with me to split up the drive between us :)  10.5+ hrs of white-line fever is about to start...



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Post by: dacuz on April 25, 2011, 04:46:52 PM
Drive safe    the weather is beautiful all week.  good timing for your trip.
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Post by: garnetsootheran on April 25, 2011, 07:56:03 PM
I still smile as I remember a story a friend told me about tying himself off with a rope and braving the swift water at the forks to do some snorkel sniping. He said the gold was just laying there waiting to be picked up - he did well for the time and conditions.
Title: Re: Quesnel River Gold
Post by: airedale on February 23, 2013, 10:12:29 PM
there was talk of guys snorkeling in the quesnel this past summer picking nuggets the size of pencil erasers off the bottom. Activity is picking up but alot of the ground the farmers wont let you mine or they block your only access to get to a claim, so that could have a little bit to do with the high tenure #'s/forfietures. There is good gold there, 2yrs ago by trapper hill you could hear a pump running across the river, this last summer there was travel trailers and heavy equipment all summer, so they gotta be doing good and im seeing roads getting reactivated, so itll be interesting to see whats happening this upcoming year.