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Title: Treasure Hunting
Post by: GPEX admin on January 26, 2008, 02:35:41 PM
An aspect which attracts even the most reserved, and serves as a challenge for not only the mind but also our determination to achieve.  And treasure can come from all walks of consideration, sizes, shapes and values.  It is so interesting, the many pursuits man will delve into for uncovering a piece of our past.  Some even make it a career, while other enjoy it as a pastime or to satisfy a personally chosen collection.

Treasures can come from an old chest in the attic, a flea market, within a hidden cavity behind the timbers of an old barn, on or about the grounds of an old homestead, from bottle-dumping an old dump, hidden treasures underground from another’s unfortunate loss, from shipwrecks, artifacts from around an old fortress, spear and arrow heads or other remnants lost or left behind by early natives, ancient tools from the early settlers, war artifacts, and a zillion other considerations, including treasures from above - - such as meteorites which have survived atmospheric entry.

Generally speaking, while there are many “just-happened-to-stumble-onto-it” situations, the majority of our successes are very much measurable to the degree of our in-depth research. We all have treasure tales to tell, so, there’s open invitation for all to join in and share news of their findings, disappointments and experiences.

Myself, to permit others opening space, as time passes, I will post a number of my own pursuits, ranging from many years of metal detecting and most other forms of TH’ing, including shipwrecks and meteorites.  The stories are many, and advanced research accounted for the majority.  Including the many irons still remaining in the fire.

Lets hear of yours !

Title: Re: Treasure Hunting
Post by: bigbarau on March 19, 2008, 07:19:22 PM

Over the last few days I have been getting acquainted with your site and have enjoyed the reading. I am responding to your treasure hunting and research as my wife, Penny, and I do endless research and have been detecting over the last few years with a GP 3000 and Excalibur 1000 from Minelab. Having been a commercial diver most of my we also dip in the water from time to time in the lakes and rivers around our area and throughout BC. We will post some of our finds and offer to help, all out there that may have lost something or know someone that needs a little help recovering lost items.

We are also avid prospectors and that is how we found your site.


Gary & Penny
Title: Re: Treasure Hunting
Post by: bcdigger on March 20, 2008, 05:50:24 PM
Welcome bigbarau!!
You've got me excited to see some of these finds {cool^sign} and look forward to hearing of some of the technique's you practice.

Welcome to the forum and see you around the boards!! ;D
Title: Re: Treasure Hunting
Post by: shadowdarkness14 on June 07, 2012, 09:47:42 AM
I live in Ecuador. Its quite amazing to go down to the river and pan for gold whenever you feel like it. The only equipment needed for that is a pan and a hat for the hot sun. I read a few books on panning and had a Canadian guy down here teach me a thing or two. Its quite impressive how much you can get out of the sand in a few hours. Its not a ton, but it keeps me going back :)