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General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: using magnets to attract gold
« Last post by JOE S (INDY) on Today at 12:32:48 AM »
" I had placed a small magnet on the side of my stand to hold the 7/16 wrench I use for adjusting the legs.Never even dawned on me that it would affect the box."      <-thinking->

The stand's  frame carried the magnetism, the individual Magnetite particles (probably not Hematite) were stopped due to that weak magnetism carried by the under box supports and everything just went bad from there.
When I was newly disabled (21 years ago),  I couldn't drive, I stayed at Fort Yale motel for 3 months. I ate meals at Barrys store. I bought gold pans and classifiers at Barrys. I bought pop and junk food at the gas station.  I was spending 2000 a month on the local economy.
Later when I got my drivers license back I stayed at Yale campground buying everything at Hope River Rv store. Again spending all my money in Yale.

Why...all because of getting fresh air, exercise and prospecting.
The local businesses should promote prospecting more.
I see another webcam is in Yale
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Time for Change
« Last post by crewcut on Yesterday at 11:41:23 PM »
Hi mcbain  <-wave->

Oh come on mcbain, don't be a naysayer.  <-NO_>   You said you meet thousands of meet thousands of people that want to go panning and prospecting .

Sure, many cannot afford to write a big check, but how many would drop a buck or $5, or who knows $$$ on a good poker night if there was a Small Scale-Miner's Defense Fund contribution box at miner friendly business'?      Start small, think big.

Hey mcbain how about we start with you? Setup a donation box at your business and whenever a customer comes in you can stand beside the box and point at it with a persuasive look on your face.   <-laugh-> <-good_>

An analogy;  A single miner bitching to the government is like a single twig, easily broken and they don't care, they just ignore you. When many twigs are bound together in a group, it is not so easily broken or ignored.   <-yes_>

It doesn't have to be big money. Some can can contribute more some less. But there needs to be a  resource pool to start or continue an organization to fight government's over-reach on the little guys.  An organization that is well know to all small time miners and that can be the big voice for individual miners. Whether it is by petitioning government and persuading friends, family, businesses etc. to sign sign those petitions to MLA's and governments.

The cost to mine is going up. Expect it to go way way UP ^ with the NDP government.

And why in the hello is there a blanket restriction on gold dredging?

In certain circumstances and areas it is warrented, I.E. spawning season/grounds. But there are other areas it's pure BS to ban it. The studies are out there to support that dredging does more good than any harm to the environment.

Oh right, the government's answer as to why it is blanket banned >>>> because we can.  <-yes_> ^#!


General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: Staking Claims MTO
« Last post by crewcut on Yesterday at 11:19:01 PM »
Ok, I will do my part to thwart the flippers.  <-yes_>

If I get some spare time at 10:00 AM I will have watched for claims that are becoming available  and stake them.

 I won't buy them though,  I'll just hold them for a bit and then cancel them. 

So watch for them to become available again after they are first locked.   <-good_>    [<-panning->] <_miner_>
Chat & Everything Else / Re: Not a topic that has any traction
« Last post by crewcut on Yesterday at 10:31:38 PM »

"... quit removing your posts."

See what I have just done?    <-yes_>

I picked a certain part of a post and used quotation marks.

What bugs me is members that hit the "Quote" button on somebody's big long post.  When I finally scroll to the bottom of the long post that is reposted,  there is a simple 2 or 3 word comment.   <-hypnotized->
General Gold Prospecting Forum / Re: using magnets to attract gold
« Last post by johnedoe on Yesterday at 10:26:01 PM »
Never even dawned on me that it would affect the box.Boy was I wrong.When I saw what was happening,I kept on digging for a bit.You know I run GH matts so I just kept on too see what would happen.It only took about 10 minutes to plug up all the riffles.As the top plugged up and become flat the  rest slowly plugged up as well the full length of my box.because the whole box was magnetized.

What you describe here is not possible.  Aluminum does not transmit magnetism. 
What you describe sounds more like an untuned box.... lack of water flow and angle as well as possibly feeding too much material too quickly.... <-dont~know->
Chat & Everything Else / Re: Lots of spring runoff ?
« Last post by gustavus on Yesterday at 09:13:17 PM »

From August 1rst 2017 to February 24th 2018.


Chat & Everything Else / Re: Lots of spring runoff ?
« Last post by gustavus on Yesterday at 09:06:47 PM »
Readings taken from water station 08MF005, the station is located slightly down river from the Coq.

Top graph is for 2017, bottom is 2018 for the same time period January 1rts to February 24th


Chat & Everything Else / Re: Lots of spring runoff ?
« Last post by mcbain on Yesterday at 08:49:36 PM »
Hi.Gold one.Just a gut feeling(mcbains school of technology)I may be totally wrong.But we are getting a late blast of snow.It will go fast.There is no forest left to slow the water.It will come fast and furious and die off quick.Could be the lowest water ever.I have already had 2 runoffs on the Coq.river and the snow pack is hardly there.Not normal to see the mountains bare in the first part of Feb.Just a thought .Luck ,Mcbain.
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