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Gold Mines For Sale


Mineral Property Acquisition Opportunities

The following Area Listings from GPEX’s Private Mineral Property Portfolio, comprise numerous high-potential mineral prospects, primarily for gold, silver, copper and other economic commodities.  

This dynamic portfolio has been opened to those engaged in, ordesiring to get into, the prospecting or mining industries. Whether of larger mining status, a junior firm desiring to expand upon its operations or holdings, the entrepreneurial mining speculator, the individual seeking investment opportunities, the small operator desiring a Mom & Pop operation, or, the junior prospector seeking a quality property to engage in hardrock explorations, quite possibly you will find the property of choice within these listings. 

Please be advised, the draft of individual property listings currently remains in an ongoing state, and will be updated regularly.  

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BC Gold / Silver / Platinum Mining Properties For Sale

These Listings Updated November 10th, 2011

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Listing Two



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Placer Mining Properties For Sale