Level 80 - 3 cell placer claim.

Level 80 Claim


Level 80 - Tenure #1017241

3 cell tenure – 59.64 hectares (147.37 acres)
Central Coordinate 122° 16’ 58.1” W Longitude 52° 03’ 14.7” N Latitude

Price: $ 5,600 $ 4,200 plus 10 % gold royalty

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The LEVEL 80 placer tenure, is located on the west side of the Fraser River 10 kilometres southwest of William’s Lake, within the South Cariboo District. More specifically, the property is situate along the Fraser River opposite Chimney Creek, and abuts to the western boundary of the Level 70 tenure, also held by GPEX.

Subject to extensive research into ground bearing high potential for placer gold deposits, this property captured special attention due to its physiology. Much like the abutting Level 70 tenure, the Level 80 is situate on a significant double bend in the river, immediately downstream from the terminus of a turbulent canyon. The current-day physiology quite prominently displays these earlier geological features, of which strongly suggest the likelihood that an old channel once existed. The Level 80 property hosts 59.54 hectares, of which the bench comprises 12.54 hectares (125,447 sq metres) of workable ground. While all indicators point toward a lucrative machine placer operation, the actual extent and distribution of placer minerals has not yet been ascertained.

Access to the tenure is gained by way of initially traveling southward along Highway 20, to its intersect with the Chilcotin-Bella Coola Highway, approximately 23 kilometres south of William’s Lake. Crossing the bridge which spans the Fraser River, the Chilcotin-Bella Coola Highway is taken to its intersect with the Meldrum Creek Road, 6 kilometres west of said bridge. Meldrum Creek Road is then taken (northward) for a distance of 10 kilometres, to a FSR extending eastward at coordinate 52° 04’ 07.3” N, 122° 20’ 07.0” W. Said FSR is then taken more or less northward to where it arcs back southward, thence directly onto the Level 80 bench. (* Please see the provided map illustrating the course of the FSR for accessing the claim.)

The tenure area is characterized by its semi-arid landscape of low rolling hills with groves of primarily pine, fir, spruce and antelope bush,. Annual rainfall averages 27 cm, with an average annual snowfall of 192 cm. Mean summer temperature is 15.5° C and winter temperature fluctuates around -8.7° C. The claim area is underlain by marine sedimentary and volcanic rocks, with moderate to heavy glacial overburden.

Level 70 – Level 80 Combo


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