Level 70 - 3 cell placer claim.

Level 70 Claim


Level 70 - Tenure #954169

3 cell tenure – 59.64 hectares (147.37 acres)
Central Coordinate 122° 16' 35.1" W Longitude 51° 02' 59.7" N Latitude

Price: $ 5,300 $ 4,000 plus 10 % gold royalty

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The LEVEL 70 placer tenure, is located 11.5 kilometres southwest of Williams Lake, off Highway 20, in the South Cariboo District. More specifically, the property is situate along the Fraser River, immediately south of Chimney Creek. The primary ground of this tenure lies on the east side of the Fraser, and having good access. The claim was staked subject to extensive research into prime elevated bench locations along the Fraser which offers optimal potential for old channel precious metal deposits. This bench is strategically located downstream from, and on a significant river bend immediately below, a turbulent canyon on the Fraser. At only 70 metres above mean water level, the bench area (alone) of the Level 70 claim boasts of over 9¼ hectares (92,591.2 square metres) of high potential workable ground. While all indicators point toward a lucrative machine placer operation, the actual extent and distribution of placer minerals has not yet been ascertained. Therefore, the perspective client would be offered opportunity to firstly conduct a preliminary sampling program, prior to sale finalization.


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