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Sheep Creek - SalmoRiver

Phenomenal Placer Gold Opportunities

The West Kootenay District has been steeped in mining history since the earliest prospectors came to the region to pan for gold during the late 1860s. It was not, however, until the later 1890s when prospectors began tracing the gold to its mother-source, that the region realized its biggest boom. Numerous high-grade hardrock deposits of gold and silver were discovered, which ignited the opening of several large mines in the Ymir, Sheep Creek and Erie Camps.

Please view the individual drafts for each of the Ymir and Sheep Creek Camps. .

• These properties may also be applicable for machine operations. A placer operator’s paradise

West Kootenay District

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Properties offered for sale hereunder, are for mining purposes only and do not include ownership of surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

Tenure #1024590 – Sandpiper

3 cell tenure – 63.42 hectares. The Sandpiper property is located along the Salmo River, 2¼ kilometres downstream (south) from the confluence of Sheep Creek. The tenure occupies a kilometre of river with gravel bars and a dynamic river bend hosting significant buildup of river gravel. Fine to nugget gold with gemstone potential.
Price: $ 2,250

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Tenure #1024591 – Sidetracked

2 cell tenure – 42.29 hectares. Occupying over a ½ kilometre stretch along the Salmo River, the Sidetracked placer tenure is located 3¼ kilometres downstream from the confluence of Sheep Creek. Cutting through the glacially in-filled valley floor, this property incorporates three inviting gravel bars, which offers great potential of entrapped fine gold lost from the early mining operations of both the Sheep Creek and the Ymir Camps, along with nugget gold and gemstone potential.
Price: $ 2,250

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