Fraser River Gold Claims For Sale

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Properties offered for sale hereunder, are for mining purposes only and do not include ownership of surface rights or the right to use the surface for residential or recreational purposes.

Fraser River Placer Claims

The Fraser River, from Chilliwack to its more northern extremity, and many of its tributaries, are historically known to have produced considerable gold and platinum throughout its mining history. However, in earlier years during the famed Gold Rush period, as new gold field discoveries evolved, many placer miners tended to move onward, leaving behind many under prospected and valuable properties. The Chinese miners (who were very proficient in their mining toils) then began to work a number of these old claims on the Fraser and its tributaries, until legislation was passed in the early part of the last century to ban their mining. Sporadically over the years, individuals would ply their hand at prospecting either for a living or for recreational enjoyment. All along the Gold Rush Trail exists old tails and new accounts of admirable rewards being reaped from the gravels of the Fraser.

The more recent upsurge in placer mining interest all across the province has witnessed most good ground being staked. Sporadic recreational and small-scaled gold and platinum recovery operations have opened up all along the Fraser. Though for most current-day mining enthusiasts, nuggets are naturally the sought after, however, many overlook the realistic potential that exists through placing one's primary focus on the recovery and processing of the fine and micron gold and platinum. Those in the know, are only too eager to maximize on their efforts through mining these deposits, while accepting nuggets which may come, as pleasant bonuses. Semi-precious gem stones and BC jade are also commonly found in many locations along the Fraser system.

Fraser River Gold Claims For Sale

"Placer Claims For Sale"


Tenure #954169 Level 70

3 cell tenure – Prime elevated bench locations along the Fraser which offers optimal potential for old channel precious metal deposits.
Price: $ 5,300

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Tenure #1017241 Level 80

3 cell tenure – Level 80 is situate on a significant double bend in the river, immediately downstream from the terminus of a turbulent canyon.
Price: $ 5,600

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Tenure #1026485 Catch-All

1 cell tenure – Located 67 kilometres South of Williams Lake along the West side of the Fraser River, the Catch-All placer property is situate off the eastern extremity of Gang Ranch.  The property is cradled between the Fraser Fault and a secondary, overlying dioritic intrusive bedrock.  The topography on the claim is best described as a gentle descending slope to the lower bench, which comprises approximately 39,400 m² of potentially workable ground, thence onward to the gravel/cobble beach comprising (at low water) approximately 16,400 m² over 480 metres of exposed shoreline.  Sampling several years in the past showed very good colour and the tenure is complimented with moss covered rocks which entrap the fine and flake gold, and of which, refreshes annually, offering good opportunity for a vacuuming operation following each freshet.

Price: $ 2,300

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GPEX’s Jurassic Properties - West Pavilion Region


Several years ago while conducting physiological research studies along the Fraser River system, with the objective of identifying zones bearing ancient river channels which were likely to bear good placer potential, GPEX was drawn to the area now hosting its range of Jurassic placer properties. Nine tenures, comprising 19 cell units (over 386 hectares) were staked, of which the company intended to open for a joint venture project. However, since their acquisition, in considering the massive coverage afforded if reserving all properties combined, and that it would take several decades to work such as a whole, decision has been made to sell half of these assets. In doing so, GPEX has clustered five tenures into two groups of two properties each, with the remaining offering comprising a single cell unit. Each of the two-groups comprise a three cell and a one cell tenure, totaling over 81 hectares (201 acres) each.

Thus, the following Jurassic properties are offered for sale. The first group is made up of the Jurassic 5 and Jurassic 6 tenures, while the second group comprises the Jurassic 7 and Jurassic 8 claims. The single cell tenure, The Babkirk, is offered independently. Please see the accompanying drafts, and, the varied aerial and land photos.

The physiology of the West Pavilion region fundamentally follows a common likeness from claim to claim, in that all lie along a zone in the Upper Fraser Canyon region which had been subjected to considerable transformation during the last glacial period, eleven thousand years ago. The land mass along the Fraser Fault became scoured and gouged from the movement of an ice sheet ice two thousand feet thick, as it slowly migrated southward. Glacial melt then followed, causing the river to swell to unprecedented levels. The relentless and unforgiving torrents of water then permanently etched the landscape, while transporting and depositing fluvial gravels along its path.

The general landscape is characterized as gently rolling hills with benches and elevated plateaus, with it’s riverbank punctuated by numerous deeply weathered drainage ravines. Elevation on the claim areas ranges around 800 feet (244 meters) above sea level.

Sparse open bush and desert-like vegetation are indicative of the high temperatures and low precipitation which characterize the summers in this part of the Interior dry belt. The area receives an average of six to ten inches snowfall from December through March. The semi-arid climate can be considered moderate, with summer temperatures ranging from warm to hot during the day and warm at night. Rain showers of short duration can be expected in the spring, summer and fall. There exists at minimum, a nine month window in which prospecting and recovery operations could be engaged in.

Access to the properties from the west side of the Fraser, is gained via the West Pavilion Road, a good two-lane gravel road branching northward from the Bridge River Road. Its point of entry is located in the area of the cemetery on the northwest boundary of Lillooet, immediately upon crossing the bridge which spans Bridge River. This road primarily climbs the mountain to the upper plateau area, then follows a northward direction to the Jurassic area. A branch road offers access to the claim areas on the lower levels. Though the tenure boundaries are not marked, same may easily be found through the use of a GPS.

Tenure #853836 - THE BABKIRK

The primary ground for focus on this property would be that of the shoreline on the west side of the Fraser River, including its banks and ravines...

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Tenure #1025186 Jurassic 9

1 cell tenure – 20.35 hectares. Located along the Fraser River in the West Pavilion district, this property overlies an exposed ancient intrusive mound which offers considerable sniping potential as well as ancient upper bench deposition.
$ 1,900

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Tenure #1034258 Jurassic Two B

1 cell tenure – 20.36 hectares. The Jurassic Two B property cradles to the Jurassic Two tenure, which itself forms part of the Jurassic Group One set of placer properties. For the mining entrepreneur acquiring the aforesaid Group One set of tenures, in all likelihood interest would extend toward also acquiring the Jurassic Two B property. Otherwise this claim could be purchased separately.
$ 2,000

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Jurassic Group 1

8 tenures – These property groups would be more suited to a moderate to large-scale machine-assisted operation. Advance prospecting and sampling required.

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Lillooet District
Fraser River

Tenure #1032006 - Eagle Rock
2 cells 40.8 hectares (100.8 acres)

The tenure overlies an ancient glacial river channel created by the Fraser Fault, which traverses the length property on an approximate strike of 355°, of which is presumed responsible for the extent of exposed bedrock...

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Tenure #525962 - High Ender -

2 cell tenure – High Ender represents one of the more dynamic placer prospecting properties along the Fraser and offers excellent potential.
Price: $ 2,100

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Tenure #996342 Black Jack

2 cell tenure– Extremely dark coloration evidenced along the shoreline are result of adjacent mineral seepage or that that locale acts as host to mass mineral accumulation.
Price: $ 2,817

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