US Citizens FAQ

BC Tenure Ownership

To own a British Columbia placer or mineral tenure, the individual firstly must hold a BC Free Miner's Certificate. The criteria for a US citizen to acquire the FMC, as outlined in BC Mineral Titles Regulations, requires the individual to have either resided in Canada for a minimum of 128 days out of the past year, or, to have his/her company duly registered in BC, with having a Canadian Agent for representation. However, GPEX™ has association with an established Agent currently representing varied mining concerns, who is fully qualified and familiar with facilitating that necessary for securing and maintaining such interest. For agent representation referral, please make query to GPEX™.

BC Dredging Regulations

Of importance to many US prospectors, is their desire to use dredges in BC creeks and rivers for the recovery of gold. Though not in totality, dredged are all but outlawed in BC and where permitted, are heavily regulated. However, while bearing in mind it is GPEX's™ philosophy that BC is a gold mine yet waiting to happen, the company wishes to draw US focus toward that which would unquestionably offer greater gold recovery than could be anticipated through dredging. The mining of BC's fine and micron gold and platinum ! It is a fact that such is in “unlimited abundance” throughout most of the province and during the process of mining such, nuggets that would likely come forth should be better viewed as the bonus. The trend today amongst most small-scaled yet prudent miners, is their focus on the recovery of the fine and micron gold.

In most part, the equipment for mining fine and micron deposits costs far less than dredging gear, is more easily transported, realizes far less down-time, expands upon the mining season to then be dictated only by weather, and is a mining process the whole family or group can participate in. In addition, varied traditional recovery methods remain legal and available for prospecting for nuggets or ore deposits.

You are cordially invited to explore GPEX's™ many links and/or it's forum, for informative data on fine to micron gold/platinum recovery and processing, in addition to several manufacturers links to such applicable equipment.

Please direct queries to GPEX™