COQ 7 - 2 cell claim.

COQ 7 Claim


COQ 7 - Tenure #599445

2 cell tenure – 41.96 hectares (Lander Junction)
Central Co-ordinate: 121° 14’ 19.5” - 49° 29’ 36.9”

Price: $ 800

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The COQ 7 tenure is located at the junction of the Coquihalla River and Lander Creek in the Coquihalla Valley approximately 18 kilometers northeast of Hope, along BC Highway 5, the Coquihalla Highway. The East Hozameen Fault, a northwest/southeast trending gold-bearing serpentine zone, more commonly known as the "Coquihalla Serpentine Belt", traverses in parallel to the claim. The general vicinity of the Coq7 claim bears a rich history of hosting gold-bearing mineralization with these two gold bearing water systems being a long time source of fine to coarse gold.

Activity in the region, as with that throughout the mining industry, has fluctuated according to the rising and falling precious metals markets. Following decades of low prices, the upswing in precious metals has generated renewed interest and extensive explorations. Firms and individuals are now focused on many of the older claim areas.

Ideally suited for further explorations and development, recreational prospecting, or as a capital investment property.


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