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Let's face it, when any of us puts our advertising dollar down, we want to know that it is going to get us in front of our target customer.

Advertising on & The Canadian Prospectors Forum will put your message in an environment where it will be respected and seen. Our readers and users are well-educated, well-traveled, and interested in prospecting/mining related goods and services. Reach your target audience through banner ad placement in our different content areas, Skyscraper, banner and button ad sizes available.

  • Over 126,500 visits and 818,824 page views a month
  • Over 50% of our traffic are "unique's" - Advertising on our site will produce fresh new leads daily
  • The average visitor sees 17.52 pages per visit
  • 53,400 indexed pages Well-placed in search engines for Thousands of desirable target phrases and terms
  • We have partnerships and promotion in other media to drive even more traffic
  • We are constantly fine-tuning and adding to the site to keep it relevant and interesting
  • A solid marketing and SEO team

Monthly average stats of other mining related websites on the net compared to our website
Percentage of gain over these sites marked in green text

126,500 Visits - Benchmark: 3,868 (+3270.42%)
818,824 Pageviews - Benchmark: 13,430 (+5,996.98%)
17.52 Page s/Visit - Benchmark: 3.17 (+452.68%)

What does that mean for you? A large, interested, active and targeted audience... or in other words... more business!

Place your message on and let us start delivering customers to your product or service


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Standard banner included ad size 190 x 190 pixels placed throughout The Canadian Prospectors Forum. Minor variations in the 190px height is fine. Ads cn be jpg, png, or animated gif.

Adverts are placed on every page of The Canadian Prospectors Forum.

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