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is currently poised at the threshold of broadening its horizon, through embarking on several new programs. Its recently formatted Diversified Property Management Program has facilitated the restructuring of its mineral tenure portfolio, through downsizing its property holdings while fine-tuning its claims, to where the company can now make available, many of its dynamic properties for optioning, grass-root joint ventures through affiliate and partnership associations, and, for undergraduate field opportunities. Several other initiatives have also been implemented, including the company’s active development of several of its new cutting-edge technologies, coined to significantly enhance precious metals recovery. Varied equipment prototypes are currently under development and slated for trials later this year and early in 2009. Thereafter, such new equipment will be introduced to the mining community.

The company’s multifaceted website, a repository of informative and useful information for miners of all status, ranging from the recreational enthusiast to the seasoned prospector, serves to also acquaint the general public with the company’s activities. The site, created and managed by Shiver Design, has rapidly advanced through the ranks to become one of the more popular mining websites on the net, enjoying over a third of a million visitors in the past year, and rising.

GPEX also hosts the Canadian Prospector’s Forum,™ © GPEX 2008, a rapidly growing communication platform achieving high popularity amongst an ever-growing membership of prospectors from all around the globe. Our members venture deeply into all intriguing facets of topical discussion relative to exploration and mining. Yet, from a fundamental perspective, the Forum serves as an optimum podium for meeting new friends of like-interest, while sharing and gaining a broad array of knowledge. We welcome all - - keep it focused, keep it clean and keep it legal.

As a public service through its website, GPEX has also incorporated a Missing Children link and is currently programming for the Amber Alert and Missing Persons notices, which will bear coverage for all participating Provinces, States and Countries. Simply click on the flashing icon (situate on each page) to view the alerts in your area. If you have information regarding any case, please contact the appropriate policing agency.

Larry Amey
Founder, Pres. & CEO

GPEX’s Primary Principals

While the company has entertained limited-partnership arrangements with certain individuals for specific claim projects, only a short bio on the primary principals behind GPEX, is summarized in the following profiles:

Spearheading the company, is its Founder, President and CEO, Wm. Larry Amey, an Ontario born native, now in his 64th year. Over the span of his life, he has enjoyed a colorful variety of employs, commencing his career in 1958, in retail sales. Larry carried onward for a three year enlistment with the Royal Canadian Navy, and for several years following, he excelled in direct sales, augmented with his own custom home building business. He and his family then relocated the building business to the Province of Nova Scotia, where they remained for fourteen years. Augmenting his self-employments, there, which included professional trapping for the fourteen years, he served as a professional guide and hunter, worked in Lands and Forests Wildlife Management, and was an Enforcement Officer with Fisheries and Oceans, Canada.

Larry’s initial engagement into explorations dates back to the early 1980s, when he held several mineral properties in Nova Scotia. It was there, that GPEX was initially founded. In 1987, he and his family relocated back to his home province of Ontario, where he engaged in further direct sales, supplemented with mineral explorations in the southeastern part of the province. Following a MVA, his activities were slowed for a four year period, until a subsequent surgery,. Thereafter, in 2001, Larry relocated to British Columbia and resumed his mining interests. As an excellent researcher and meticulous field analyst, he then began amassing a dynamic portfolio of prime mineral properties throughout the province. In an era where there’s growing concern over environmental issues related to mining, Larry’s long-standing position toward responsible mining practices aligns to those concerns. Today, the company has carried forward to become well recognized and respected within the mining community.

Other Key Executives with GPEX™

Dave - the company’s Chief Operation Officer
Dave is an integral part of GPEX operations and enjoys a partnership in the company’s direction. Though not bearing a long history in mining, Dave has rapidly developed prospecting skills that would rival the best. His insight, determination, creative talents, attentiveness to detail and computer programing skills, have all proven to be positive assets to the company.

Dave & Larry -
Together, this dynamic duo are staged to set new dimensions to the annals of mineral explorations and recovery. Through combining their creativity and design talents, the pair have innovated several new state-of-the-art technological concepts, destined to dramatically enhance the processing of ores for the recovery of precious metals and other targeted minerals. Prototypes are now under fabrication and they anxiously await trial results later in the year or early 2009.

GPEX is more than pleased to announce the company’s latest mining partner, Master Braxton, born July 17, 2008. Awaiting Baby Braxton’s arrival was his very first exploration tool, presented by his Grampie - - a four inch traditional gold pan, gold-plated and engraved to mark the date of his welcomed arrival. Coupled with the mining interest of his mom and dad, Braxton, dubbed “Rascal,” is sure to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and one day assume the helm of GPEX.

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