Tyranno Placer Gold Project

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Located along the upper benches of the Fraser River, in the West Pavilion area of Map Sheet 092I, the ‘Tryanno Gold Project’ is comprised of 203.57 hectares (503.03 acres) within 10 cell units, spanning four contiguous tenures - - the Jurassic 1 through 4 properties.

While the company originally staked 19 cell units over 9 contiguous tenures, totaling 389.35 hectares (962.97 acres), Jurassic has since revised its planning, whereby the company now intends to place the Jurassic 5 through 9 tenures, and the Babkirk property, up for sale. Placer mining entrepreneurs are invited to consider their acquisition.

Though not necessarily detrimental to the JV operation, Jurassic has also staked a further 508.8 hectares (1,257.27 acres) under a 25 cell mineral (hardrock) tenure, which encompasses the entire claim region, thus offering absolute control over all mineral rights throughout the varied claim areas.

An ancient fluvial channel exists along the upper bench areas bordering the west side of the current Fraser River course. Situate 30 air kilometres (19 miles) at 6.5° of North from Lillooet, the property area would be considered semi-arid, with minimum annual rainfall, and offers a relatively long mining season. Access to the claim area would be considered good, via the 2WD graveled West Pavilion Road, however, to gain entry directly onto the tenures, requires decent down a one-lane branch road. And due to the steeper grade involved when leaving the area, though doable with 2WD, a 4WD vehicle would be the recommended mode of transportation.

To maximize on the full potential of this project, it would be prudent to firstly map the underlying bedrock to ascertain the exact course and character of the ancient channel/s. It is projected that a three to four day imaging program using ground penetrating radar mounted on an ATV (quad) would be first in consideration. From there, the work program would entail systematic trench or drill-core sampling. If trench sampling, using a backhoe or light to moderate size excavator, augmented with a Bobcat or front end loader for handling the ore and moving tailings. It is anticipated this operation would entail a trommel setup feeding a Miller table or similar parallel, while using a re-circulating water system. Water would be required to be either tanked in from a neighboring source or pumped from the Fraser.


Tyranno Gold Project

Phase One
- Bedrock mapping over primary target zones using GPR (ground penetrating radar)
- Trench-sampling program
- Systematic trench/auger sampling in predetermined bedock locations
- Analysis of samples and assessment of results

Phase Two
- Formulate and map out a feasible recovery plan and work program
- Equipment setup and implementation of recovery operations

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