THE BABKIRK - 1 cell placer claim.



THE BABKIRK - Tenure #853836

1 cell tenure of 20.34 hectares (50.27 acres)
Central Coordinate 121° 54' 38.7" W Longitude 50° 59' 07.1" N Latitude

Price: $ 3,700 $ 2,100 + 5% precious metal royalty

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The Babkirk property is situate 35½ (air) kilometers north of Lillooet. The primary ground for focus on this property would be that of the shoreline on the west side of the Fraser River, including its banks and ravines. The area is subject to annual refreshment upon each Spring’s snow-melt and runoff. The claim sector on the East side of the river bears of no significance, and, lies within the Edge Hills Park. Though informed that an old jeep road exists (of which has not yet been looked for), access directly to the river’s edge would (otherwise) be best achieved through following the trough of one of two ravines leading to the shoreline, or accessing by boat. Please also see the corresponding Minfile Report 092INW050 below.

Mining Division Clinton
Status Past Producer
NTS Map 092I13W

Commodities Gold, Platinum, Silver Deposit Types C01 : Surficial placers Tectonic Belt Intermontane Terrane Overlap Assemblage

Excerpt from Capsule Geology: The portion of the Fraser River along which the Babkirk property is situated was first prospected by the gold rush miners of 1858 and 1859. After completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1885, a large community of Chinese miners settled on the river at roughly the same location as the present property. They left the workings in the early 1900s when they were forced off the creeks and rivers by law. During the Depression many people made a living by panning. In 1970-71, sampling on the property was concentrated mainly on the 'beaches' along the Fraser River where samples consisted of 0.02 cubic metre panned by hand down to a black sand concentrate. All samples were taken of gravel at about 0.3 metre depth. Gold is quite fine and only a few pieces in all of the samples could be considered of nugget size. Analytical results from some samples yielded 89.8 grams per tonne gold, 40.7 grams per tonne gold and 11.9 grams per tonne platinum (Assessment Report 3551). Geological Survey of Canada Map 42-1989 shows the area to be underlain by Early Jurassic granodiorite.


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