Swansee Mineral Claims.

Vernon District - Hard Rock Claim


Up to 93 g/t Au
From 5 tonnes – 2,829 g/t Ag, 89 kg Pb, 278 kg Zn

Swansee - #1032063
Gold - Silver
119° 17' 19.2" W Longitude, 50° 17' 59.6" N Latitude
4 cells – 82.56 hectares (200 acres)
Price: 5,800 $ 4,600

The “Swansee” property, a four cell mineral tenure, comprising 82.56 hectares, is located on a gentle, rolling slope immediately west of the City of Vernon, B.C., between Swan Lake and Okanagan Lake.

Access to the property from Old Kamloops Road is possible from the Blue Jay Subdivision, or via a private secondary road immediately north of the old City Dump. An old dirt road along the property parallels the defunct Vernon Irrigation Ditch. The property is accessible and conducive to prospecting at all times of the year.

Regional Geology

Rocks of the Cache Creek group occur in the south and southwestern parts of the Vernon map area in albiit from Mt. Cahilty, through Vernon and south-easterly to Monashee Mountain. This group is overlain with an angular conformity by the Kamloops group of Tertiary age and by unconsolidated Pleistocene and recent debris.

The Cashe Creek group is believed to rest unconformably on members of the Shuswap Terrane. Rocks comprising the Cache Creek group are argillite, andisitic lava, tuff quartzite and limestone. Faults striking south and southeast converge in the area of Vernon. Of these, the most important is the Sicamous-Vernon Fault which separates the high-grade metamorphic Monashee group rocks (to the east) from the low-grade metamorphic rocks of the Mount Ida group to the west.

The property has not been geologically mapped but from observation it indicates that outcrops are not plentiful. Most rocks on the property are crystalline andesite lava and tuffs which in many places are cut by white oxidized pyritic quartz veins striking north to northwest and dipping steeply.

The Swansee property is well suited for continued exploration and development, or, held in portfolio as a capital investment.

Looking West

Price: reduced to $4,600

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