Eagle Eye Gemstone Project

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The Eagle Eye Gem Project is a collaborative effort by a party of five, assembled to conduct explorations over the tenured region. Phase I of the Project is a regional approach to gemstone and exotic mineral exploration, centered on the Eagle Pass Mountain area, located approximately 27 km to the west-northwest of Revelstoke BC.

An extensive claim staking program was carried out to secure a mixed assemblage of bedrock types that could be conducive to the deposition of gemstones and rare earth mineralization.

Interest was initially vested in this area several years to our prior, and came about as a result of tracing a crystal-bearing mineral belt from the International Border in the south, to the emerald beryl occurrence along the Yukon / BC Border, while extending through the known sapphire deposit of the Blu Star in the Passmore region.

Over the period covering July 27, 2011 to October 27, 2011, selected samples were taken from drainages coming out of the claim block, along with grab and chip samples being taken from road-cuts and outcrops, to begin narrowing the search for targeted mineralogy with the aim of maintaining an open mind for serendipitous discovery.

From experience gained from diamond exploration in Canada, a heavy mineral survey is underway for the entire project area. The diamond exploration approach of taking a regional view and then selected sampling of heavy minerals to close in the search area, is a primary exploration approach for this early stage of exploration.

Gemstone or gemstone potential minerals noted in this study
Topaz – 2-002-06
Cordierite – 1-004-01, 3-001-01, 4-001-02
Diopside – 1-004-02, 1-002-04 B&B,
Spessartine Garnet – 1-004-01
Almandine Garnet – 4-001-01a
“Red” Garnet (not yet classed) - 1-002-00 B&B
Tourmaline - 1-006-07
Zircon - 1-001-01, 1-002-03 B&B,
Epidote/Piemontite - 2-002-06,
Spinel - 4-001-02a,
Labradorite/Spectrolite - 2-002-07

Rare earth minerals noted
Allanite - 1-006-01, 1-006-03, 1-001-01,
Monazite - 1-006-03,

Minerals of special note
Eucryptite - 1-001-01
Zunyite - 2-002-07
Garnet crusts on muscovite mica and quartz grains- 6-001-01


Work is ongoing on the samples referred to in this report. That work entails: More optical mineralogy of polymineralic samples Discrete mineral grain picking from sized fractions and referral of same to optical mineralogy or in some cases perhaps microprobe analysis Plotting of rock types in sediment samples including type, size, transport erosion character and percentage of sample.

Future field work will be directed to move up drainage on targeted Inferred Areas of Influence and to obtain samples from the main drainage and from drainages that feed into known IAI to further define potential contribution areas while expanding our understanding of the mineral potential of the area. Samples will be from sediment and from outcrop especially from rock types that have co-relation to rock types that have indicated interest from the optical mineralogy research.

Samples will be taken from new drainages that have a mappable Inferred Area of Influence.


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