Eagle Rock Claim



Gold - Platinum

Tenure #1032006 - 2 cells – 40.8 hectares (100.8 acres)
Central Coordinate - 121° 52’ 23.5” W Longitude, 50° 51’ 44.6” N Latitude

Price: $ 2,300


The Eagle Rock property was staked in result of research and field trips into the Fraser River system when evaluating perspective placer potential between Hope and Prince George. It was determined that the lee-side of the huge outcrops which extend well into the active river channel creates an entrapment zone for heavy minerals, and, also serves as a prime sniping location for ancient gold.

The tenure overlies an ancient glacial river channel created by the Fraser Fault, which traverses the length property on an approximate strike of 355°, of which is presumed responsible for the extent of exposed bedrock outcroppings along that sector of the Fraser River. Pavilion Creek merges with the Fraser at the extreme northeast tip, of the claim, which borders tan Indian Reserve. However, that locale is deemed insignificant, as the potential lies on the west side of the river. In general, the area is considered semi-arid, comprising mainly clay-based overburden with antelope brush as the primary vegetation. Annual rainfall would be considered low.

The Eagle Rock tenure lies 16 air kilometres north by northeast of the Town of Lillooet, on a heading of 11°, in a region more commonly referred to as, the West Pavilion. Access to the general region is firstly gained via the Bridge River Road leading north-westward out of Lillooet. Immediately upon crossing the bridge over Bridge River proper, the West Pavilion Road is accessible on the right, by the old cemetery. Following said main roadway for approximately 22 (road) kilometres, or to a one-lane field road which angles to the east from the main roadway at coordinate of 50° 51’ 59.6” N Lat, 121° 53’ 56.8” W Long, as displayed on Map 4. Map 4 illustrates the better route for accessing the claim. The use of a quad (ATV) is recommended.


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