Eagle Eye Gem Project

100% interest in the Eagle Eye Gem Project.   This long-standing project comprises 532 cell units over twenty-five contiguous mineral tenures, totaling  over 11,128 hectares (27,498 acres).  The coverage equates to an area of approximately 5.5 miles x 7.5 miles. 

Exploration Targets

Precious and semi-precious gemstones, including, but not limited to, Sapphire, and with good potential for Emerald Beryl, possibly Diamonds and Tsavorite.  In our sample analysis we have also identified varied Rare Earth Elements including Eucryptite, which is an important source for Lithium.



Located in the Monashee Mountain Range, commencing at Griffin Lake, 15 kilometres west of the Revelstoke Bridge, the properties extend westward to envelope Perry River and the West Perry River Road.  The north and south parameters range from BC Hwy #1 at Griffin Lake to significantly north of, and including, Bews Creek.


Following several years of in-depth research (pre and post 2006) and numerous reconnaissance fieldtrips (commencing in 2008), Jurassic Minerals began meticulous staking of the Eagle Pass Mountain area during the Spring of 2011.  

Beyond the two property owners of Jurassic Minerals, four other associates had partaken in exploration programs conducted over the past three seasons - two additional field operators, a highly-accredited geologist with over 34 years exploration and mining experience (and the first to discover diamonds in Alberta), and, a leading industry expert with over 50 years mining experience (whom also operates his own mineralogical laboratory for conducting optical analysis of recovered specimens).   This dynamic team has carried the project forth through its initial phase, by conducting several reconnaissance prospecting programs, including drainage sampling along the varied watercourses.  A broad array of indicator minerals have thus far been identified, including the discovery of Eucryptite.


The Eagle Pass Mountain area hosts a mixed assemblage of rock types that are conducive to gemstone and other mineral deposits. 

Regional Bedrock Map With Property Group Centered

Exploration Results To Date

Thus far, in addition to common, widespread and ubiquitous minerals, such as quartz, various feldspars, various micas and hornblende, several minerals of much greater interest were identified.  These include garnet, cordierite (iolite), diopside, allanite, monazite, zircon, tourmaline, actinolite, eucryptite, chlorite, piemontite, topaz, zunyite, labradorite, omphacite, spinel, stilpnomelane, and sillimanite.

Of these, the obvious potential gemstones such as tourmaline, iolite, zircon, labradorite, spinel black sapphire and garnet require further follow-up to determine abundance.

Eucryptite was discovered on the claims, however, if verified in further sampling and analyses, would represent the first known occurrence of this mineral in British Columbia (at least as reported in the readily available literature).  In sufficient quantity and quality eucryptite is a potential commercial source of lithium.

In 1996, Dr, George Simandl discovered Black Sapphire in the sub-alpine region of Eagle Pass Mountain while searching for a known Andalusite deposit.

This group of properties would be more applicable for a company, or a group of individuals capable of investing adequate time to further ongoing explorations.

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