Cayoosh Mineral Claims.

Lillooet Gold District - Hard Rock Claim

Cayoosh - #1031938
122° 06' 04.8" W Longitude, 50° 35' 59.5" N Latitude
10 cells – 205.11 hectares (506.8 acres)
Price: $ 3,200

The “Cayoosh” gold property is situate 13 kilometres southwest of Lillooet. The tenure straddles both Cayoosh Creek for a distance of 4.2 kilometres and BC Highway 99 (more commonly known as the Duffey Lake Road). Through conducting drainage sampling along a tributary flowing into the southern sector of the Cayoosh property, another entity discovered the high-grade Raven gold deposit along a forestry road. This was in a listwanite altered greenstone (quartz-carbonate alteration) and flooded by pyrite with minor limestone. The deposit was first discovered after finding gold-bearing pyrite float within such tributary, alongside of the logging road. Gold values range from 3½ grams per tonne gold in float, to 55.13 grams per tonne and 57.70 grams per tonne gold from trench sampling, with one sample consisting of powdery arsenopyrite in a quartz vein in altered greenstone, which yielded 682.5 grams per tonne gold. Though the Raven deposit strikes northerly, it is felt similar geology may well extend eastward, bordering along the Cayoosh Creek Valley. It would be recommended that a thorough, systematic, drainage sampling program be conducted along Cayoosh Creek to search for trace elements.


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